Why 3 Insurance Agents, A Software Engineer, & A Former NFL Football Player Created The First Sales-Driven AMS

Better Agency was born from necessity.  When Preston Schmidli and Nicholas Ayers were looking for simple ways to enhance their agencies customer experience all they could find were complicated and confusing systems, or worse, systems that lacked the basic functionality they needed in order to thrive.

The software vendors in the insurance space seemed to lack innovation. They were more content on forcing our peers into expensive contracts without ever looking to improve their products.

Nicholas and Preston knew things had to change if they were going to survive and build the agencies of their dreams.. Teaming up with former NFL player Will Shaw and software engineer Jordan Hatch they began on their quest to create the insurance industry’s dream system.

Our Quest To Help Independent Agents Sell $1Billion In New Premium By 2024

Every decision we make at Better Agency is boiled down to one question, “will it help our users sell $1billion in new collective premium by 2024?”

We’re on a warpath and we want to create tools that advance the mission of the IA channel.

We believe insurance agents need their technology to work together. When we launched Better Agency we had a desire to integrate with as many AMS platforms as possible so that agents could simplify their workflows.

As we began integrating with platforms we noticed there were major flaws with the integrations. The current AMS platforms were not built very well and integrations and data sharing were limited or impossible.

We also experienced challenges with systems that would make changes to their platforms and thus putting Better Agency in a difficult position when the integrations failed.

On top of this, we ran into walls as other AMS providers told us they had no intention of integrating with our platform because “agents will spend more time in your system than in ours.”

We quickly realized that in order to solve the bigger problems agents had, we needed to bypass AMS integrations and get the data from IVANS ourselves.

Better Agency has a goal to help agents sell $1 billion in new, trackable premium by the year 2024. We will use our IVANS integration to track and monitor this goal.

We are so committed to this goal, we were willing to raise capital, invest personally, and do whatever was needed in order to make this integration a reality.

Our CRM competitors provide nothing comparable and rely on faulty integrations. Our AMS competitors are too big to pivot quickly. Our unique position allows us to be the first hybrid company that solves this problem for agents.

Our desire is to help agents simplify their workload, reduce their tech stack, and to sell more premium with less effort. By having the IVANS integration, we will be able to reduce the need for a standalone AMS and help agents complete tasks and trigger new automation campaigns.

The software vendors in the insurance space seemed to lack innovation. They were more content on forcing our peers into expensive contracts without ever looking to improve their products. 

Some Of The Better Agency Team

CEO: Will Shaw (not pictured) It’s not that Will is the “shy type”, he just wasn’t present during this picture. After playing in the NFL, Will joined the “tech world”. At Infusionsoft he quickly rose to the top of the ranks. Will also created a company to help insurance agents use automation in their business. After realizing he wanted to do more to help agents, Will left that company and founded Better Agency with the rest of the team below.

CTO: Jordan Hatch (the guy with the beard and hat) – Jordan leads our development team. He has many years of developer experience. In a past life, Jordan was the 8th employee ever hired at Infusionsoft. He led their product and development teams for a long time. He’s pretty smart when it comes to 1’s and 0’s.

COO: McBilly Sy (the guy with a flower hat) – McBilly leads the Customer Success Team. A first-generation immigrant from the Philippines, McBilly came to this country, worked hard, and became a US Citizen. He embodies the “American Dream” and no one works harder than him. Because of McBilly, Better Agency has a reputation for having world-class customer service.

CMO: Nicholas Ayers (the incredibly good-looking tall guy in the back) – Because I am writing this section I can say the most complimentary things and you’ll have to believe them because it’s in writing on the internet. Speaking in the 3rd person now, Nicholas coordinates the marketing department. From paid advertising to our website, Nick is in charge of telling the world about Better Agency.

CSM: Dan Mory (the guy behind Preston) – Dan is a Client Success Manager. A loveable guy who really likes baseball. Dan helps new users get fully up to speed with Better Agency.

CSS: Athena Sy (the woman next to Preston) – Athena has been with us since day 1. She is McBilly’s sister, so she tolerated a lot of crap in the early, early days. Athena is a Customer Support Specialist. So when you need help, she’s available in our in-app chat to answer questions.

SAM: Katrina Mashack  (the woman next to Athena in the middle) – Katrina is a Senior Account Manager. She helps potential Better Agency users get signed up and using Better Agency. She is a big Michigan State football fan, so don’t hold that against her.

PM: Jon LaRiviere  (the guy behind Jordan) – Jon is a Product Manager. A loveable guy who you just want to grab a Coke with. Jon speaks to current users and potential users to figure out what they “want” and “need’. Then he takes that info and comes up with cool ways to solve the problem.

CSS: Tory Reep  (not pictured) – Tory is a Customer Support Specialist. He helps users when they have questions, or need any help. We wish he was in this picture because he has a glorious beard.