What You Should Know Before Moving Forward

Pre-filled Acord forms are coming in 2021

“Pre-filled” Acord forms are not a current feature of our AMS. It is a feature we will add in 2021.

If that’s OK with you and you want to keep going to the pricing and sign up page, then click on the “It’s OK – Take Me To The AMS Sign Up Page” button below.

If you need to hold off until we have pre-filled Acord forms, it’s ok, we understand. You should still sign up for the Better Agency CRM so that you can grow your agency with automated tasks, sales, service, and renewal campaigns. Adding the AMS feature when it’s time, will be easy.

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Acords or not, there’s nothing to stop you from growing your agency. Join the Better Agency family today.

Using policy downloads to automate the customer lifecycle is your key to more sales growth and increased retention and it’s only attainable through Better Agency.

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