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How Downloads Work With Better Agency

Please watch the video below explaining how Downloads currently work with Better Agency.


Better Agency AMS is a flat fee of $150/month


This price is the same regardless of how many users you have. 


We will add it to your next bill. Users will only have one bill for the CRM and the AMS

Not yet, but we will, SOON!


Pre-filled Acord forms is something we are working on and will have in the system sometime in Q3 of 2021

Better Agency will pull in everything that carriers send to IVANS. This includes: New business, endorsements, renewals, pending cancellations, cancellations, non-renewals, commissions, claims, etc

We will handle all of your data migration and data-cleanup.

All you need to do is request your data file from your current AMS company. This process can take between 1-30 days (depending on the AMS)


We suggest leaving your current AMS in place while you wait for your data. This will allow you to access your prior downloaded information and notes.


Better Agency will start receiving your new data. You will want to make notes and upload attachments for anything new into Better Agency. We will upload your old data once you receive it from your previous AMS company.


No. Better Agency is "month to month". You can cancel at anytime.

No. That would be exhausting. We have no interest in that. 


You own your data.