Better Agency Acquires Insurance Video Proposal Platform, Neoteric Agent

Better Agency is on a mission to help independent insurance agents achieve higher levels of agency success by providing technology that helps them sell more policies.

Today, we’re excited to share that we’re taking another step forward on this mission, and have acquired Neoteric Agent, a video proposal tool that helps insurance agents educate their clients with pre-built templates and provide a better insurance quoting experience with video built into the presentation.

At Better Agency our goal is to unify the technology insurance agents use on a daily basis and provide a “one platform – one browser” experience. 

With Neoteric Agent, Better Agency will be able to help insurance agents automate the insurance quoting process and streamline the workflows that often slow agents down.

The combination of these two industry-defining companies will extend our mission of agency success by helping independent agents issue over $1billion in new premium by the year 2024.

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Sell More Policies

Insurance is complex. It’s never been easy to understand. 

Neoteric Agent and Better Agency both believe independent agents provide the best source for truth, guidance, and options for consumers when purchasing insurance.

Until now, agents haven’t had the best tools to showcase their value to new insurance buyers.

With “Proposals by better Agency”, agents can use pre-designed graphics and templates along with a custom video explainer to properly educate their new customers and provide a better experience .

Automate & Track Clients

Better Agency will help you automate your proposal delivery process. With the sales pipeline, you can track your customers and follow up with prospects routinely to help you close more business.

Customers who use “Proposals by Better Agency” will be notified each time their prospects open and view the proposals, and also when a prospect has questions or wants to accept the proposal.

Better Agency’s follow up automation will make sure prospects no longer fall through the cracks.


Will the price change?

No. We don’t plan on increasing any prices.

We will introduce more pricing options like a 3-year option and a lifetime option. The month-to-month pricing is staying the same.

What sort of changes or enhancements can we expect?

We plan to add more templates and reduce the number of mouse clicks it takes to create proposals. A big initiative will be to enhance the capabilities of the commercial line proposals. 

How will Neoteric Agent work with Better Agency?

Neoteric Agent will have the name changed to “Proposals by Better Agency”. Currently, you can connect the two platforms with Zapier. We will start working on a tighter, native integration so that everything can work in one browser experience.

Better Agency users will be able to create new proposals and automate the delivery and tracking process within the existing sales pipeline inside Better Agency.

Will “Proposals” integrate with my rater?

Rater integration is at the top of the priority list. We plan on working on rater integrations with any rater that can push data in two directions. 

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