6 Social Media Scheduling Apps To Get Your Insurance Agency Ready for 2024

Nicholas Ayers
Nicholas Ayers

Co-Founder @ Better Agency

Let’s cut to the chase. Social media is where it’s happening — where conversations turn into conversions and posts into profits. But who’s got the time to post, tweet, and share with all the policies and paperwork on your plate? That’s where social media scheduling apps stride in. They’re the silent workhorses of your digital strategy, lining up your posts like dominoes ready to fall in perfect sequence. Whether you’re sharing the nitty-gritty of policy details or celebrating your clients’ milestones, these tools help you stay visible without staying glued to your screens. So, why should you get on board with them? Because staying ahead of the social curve could mean the difference between an agency that’s just chugging along and one that’s firing on all cylinders.



If you’re thinking about hopping onto Buffer for your social media game, here’s the real talk based on what people are saying. Buffer is a pretty solid bet for keeping your social media feeds lively without having to glue yourself to your computer or phone. It’s a hit for being user-friendly, so you don’t need to be tech-savvy to schedule those insurance tips, community events, or customer testimonials across different platforms. Plus, having a clean interface means you’re not going to waste time trying to navigate through a maze just to post “Insurance Tip Tuesday.”

But here’s the deal—Buffer isn’t the cheapest kid on the block, especially if you’ve got a team and you all need access. For a smaller agency, that cost might make you think twice. However, considering the time you’ll save and the professional look of your scheduled posts, it might just be worth the investment. It’s like having an extra pair of hands to manage your online presence while you focus on the real-world insurance stuff. Just keep in mind that while it’s great for posting and scheduling, if you’re looking for in-depth analytics or more robust customer engagement tools, you might bump into some limitations. Bottom line: If you’re looking to keep your agency’s social media organized and active without hiring a full-time social media manager, Buffer’s worth a shot.

Lately.ai logo


If you’re looking to cut through the noise on social media, Lately.ai could be your ticket. Why? Well, for starters, this tool seems to have a knack for transforming insurance jargon and policy details—stuff that’s usually as dry as a saltine—into social posts that actually click with people. It’s like having a translator that turns ‘insurance-speak’ into something your next-door neighbor would want to chat about.

And here’s the kicker: you’ve got a business to run and claims to process, so spending hours figuring out what to post on Facebook or LinkedIn is probably not your jam. Lately.ai gets it. The platform takes the heavy lifting off your plate by dishing out content suggestions that are already tested for engagement. You’re in the business of managing risks, right? Well, Lately.ai is sort of like your behind-the-scenes underwriter, but for social media content. They’re looking out for what might resonate best with your audience, saving you time and maybe even a few headaches. Plus, the feedback loop is tight—they actually tune into user suggestions, which means the tool gets sharper over time, just like a good risk assessment model.


Now that you’re going to get your social media marketing sorted, Hootsuite might just be your ticket. Here’s the deal: it’s a real timesaver when it comes to scheduling all those posts. You’ve got policies and plans to talk about, and Hootsuite lets you queue up that content so you’re not stuck to your desk trying to post updates when you could be out there talking to clients. Plus, it lets you keep an eye on your feeds all in one place, which is pretty neat when you want to stay on top of customer questions or shout-outs without flicking between a dozen tabs.

And let’s talk about keeping your brand’s voice consistent – that’s key in the insurance game, right? With Hootsuite, you can preview your posts, which means you get to make sure that what you’re saying online doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a robot. Now, I won’t sugarcoat it – some folks think the cost can be a bit much, especially if you start wanting the more advanced features. But if you’re just starting to get your feet wet with online marketing, or if you’re not looking to do anything too crazy on social media, Hootsuite’s basic plans might be all you need. It’s like having a little helper to keep your social presence active while you focus on the real face-to-face client interactions that drive your business.

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For those of you ready to streamline their marketing and content efforts, CoSchedule comes across as a strong contender. The platform seems to simplify the coordination of marketing projects, which is a big deal for insurance agencies that need to keep their communication clear and timely. The interface is intuitive, which means less time fumbling through complicated software and more time connecting with clients. Insurance agencies could benefit greatly from the scheduling features, making it a breeze to plan out social media campaigns and client communications without dropping the ball.

The ReQueue feature could be a particular game-changer for insurance agencies because it allows for smart recycling of evergreen content, like general insurance advice or reminders for policy renewals, which can keep their feeds active without constant manual input. Also, the visual calendar dashboard is ideal for these agencies to get a quick snapshot of their marketing activities at a glance—important when you’re dealing with various types of insurance products and campaigns. While there are mentions of occasional bugs, the overall consensus suggests that the tool is reliable and offers solid support when needed. This means an insurance agency can expect a dependable partner in CoSchedule, helping to maintain a consistent and professional presence online while hopefully drawing in more policyholders.


Looking to up your social media game? Agorapulse might be a solid pick. It’s been getting thumbs up for its straightforward reports and reliable performance. This means you can track how well your content is doing and adjust your strategy without getting tangled in complicated analytics. The platform is also a hit for its user-friendliness, which is a big plus for busy insurance agents who need to manage their social media without a steep learning curve.

On top of that, Agorapulse is packed with features that can help you keep an eye on customer feedback and industry trends, which is super important in the insurance biz. It’s set up to help teams collaborate smoothly too. So, if you’ve got multiple folks handling your tweets, LinkedIn posts, and Facebook updates, Agorapulse could help keep everyone on the same page. And while the price has seen a bit of a hike, users still reckon it’s worth the coin for the value it delivers. Just think about how a well-oiled social media strategy could boost your visibility and customer engagement. That’s where Agorapulse comes into play, turning those social interactions into opportunities to grow your client base and keep current customers in the loop.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Looking to connect with your clients and potential customers on social media? Sprout Social could be a good pick. It’s praised for being straightforward to use, which means you and your team can probably jump in without a steep learning curve. The interface is clean and user-friendly, so managing your social accounts — from scheduling posts to analyzing engagement — won’t feel like you’re deciphering rocket science. Plus, it supports collaboration, so if you’ve got a few people handling the accounts, everyone can stay on the same page.

But here’s the real kicker for an insurance agency: it’s got solid reporting features. Knowing how your content performs can help you understand what your audience cares about, whether it’s tips on home safety or info on car insurance rates. And, the automation tools can save you a heap of time, which is always in short supply in the busy world of insurance. Just remember, Sprout Social isn’t a magic wand — it’s a tool. So, while it can help you schedule content and pull reports, it won’t replace the genuine, one-on-one interactions that build client trust. Make sure you’re still getting in there and chatting with folks, answering questions, and showing that there are real, caring humans behind your policies.

There’s a solid rundown of the heavy hitters in the social media scheduling game. As an insurance agency owner, you know that time is currency, and your attention is pulled in a thousand directions. Social media scheduling apps aren’t just a nice-to-have; they’re your gateway to staying relevant in an online world that never hits the pause button. Think of these tools as part of your team, your digital deputies that keep the conversation going while you do the deep work of advising, claiming, and policy crafting. By setting up your social media with one of these apps, you’re not just posting — you’re building a community, educating your clients, and putting your agency firmly on the map. So, pick your player, because your agency deserves to be the one that stands out in the crowded insurance landscape. Ready to take your social media presence to the next level? These tools are your ticket there.

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