Choosing the best AMS for my insurance agency

Selecting an agency management system for your independent agency is a major decision. Did you know that the average independent agent keeps the same AMS for 7-10 years?

That’s why we’ve put together this comparison review to show you how each agency management system compares to Better Agency.


It’s not our intention to speak poorly of any other system. We want to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

We have compiled a list of these features from multiple sources, including users, articles, and other review sites like Capterra and G2.

Lastly, when we discuss the cost of each platform, it should be noted that every platform has different pricing models, grandfathered discounts, special pricing for different association members, etc. Instead of showing a concrete price, we will display the ranges we discovered when speaking to over a dozen different users from each platform.

How Much Does An AMS Cost?

Better Agency automates the entire customer lifecycle and provides simple pricing without any long-term contracts.

AMS Company Monthly Cost Additional Costs
AMS360 $99 - $150 per user $400 per month license fee
Applied Epic $150 - $250 per user $900 license fee per new user
Better Agency AMS $150 flat per month Better Agency CRM
EZLynx AMS $150 - $250 per user

Better Agency AMS Price: $150/month

The AMS is an addition to your existing Better Agency subscription.

AMS360 Price:  $99 -$150/month per user

  Users also are responsible for agency license fees (approx $400/month)

AMS360 Price:  $99 -$150/month per user

  Users also are responsible for agency license fees (approx $400/month)

Here's what our AMS360 converts love about Better Agency.

Flat Pricing

No matter how big your agency gets, your AMS license fee will remain the same.


You can connect Better Agency to over 3000+ applications and pass your data back and forth.

Built-In Library Of Automation Campaigns

Better Agency provides a library of over 100+ automation campaigns for sales, service, claims and renewals. The campaigns include texting, email, and automated task management.

The Verdict:AMS360 is a preferred option for large commercial lines agencies. The current feature list and workflows favor agencies operating in the middle-market arena. 

AMS360 does provide accounting solutions

Choosing the Best CRM software for insurance agents

CRM software is an invaluable tool for any insurance agent or related professional working today. It simplifies daily management and sales functions, streamlining them through automated processes that relieve agents of vast amounts of stress and unnecessary work. By taking the time to investigate and choose the best CRM software for themselves, agents fast-track themselves for long-term success.

Better Agency: The #1 Insurance CRM

If you are an insurance agent looking to grow your agency and streamline your processes with automation, then you need to use an Insurance CRM.

Better Agency was built by insurance agents and it’s the top choice for agents looking to grow their business. With Better Agency you can take advantage of all the top features included: automation campaigns built into the platform. This includes all of the emails and text messages, as well as reporting and task management.

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