Captive to independent

Ashley Mastowski knew that when she left the captive world to open her own independent agency, she was going to have to deal with new technology systems.

As a captive, her corporate company supplied all of her tech programs and software. Whenever she needed help, she could always just call her support department and everything would be figured out. The learning curve was more simple.

On the independent side you have to do your own research. You have to put together and find your own systems.

Ashley Mastowski

Feeling overwhelmed

As the primary breadwinner for her family, Ashley began to feel overwhelmed. Having to work long hours to market, network, and sell more business left little time for processes and follow ups.

Ashley admitted that she isn’t the most “tech-savvy” insurance agent. Her frustrations grew as she began to try other systems and CRM’s. They were difficult to navigate and the support she needed was nowhere to be found.

Ashley knew that if she was going to grow her scratch agency, she needed something that was easier to use. She needed something that she could easily implement and could run flawlessly in the background as she managed the daily tasks of growing her agency.

It was me, myself, and I trying to do everything daily. I was depressed, run down, and felt stuck.

Ashley Mastowski

Finding Better Agency

As Ashley was searching for something that can help fill the void in her processes, she discovered Better Agency. Ashley decided to sign up for the 14 day trial of Better Agency.

She quickly fell in love with the “done for you” renewal and sales campaigns that were already inside of Better Agency.

“What I loved instantly about Better Agency is everything was already there. For someone that was completely overwhelmed and at a dead-end, it pretty much solved all our problems.”

Since diving headfirst into Better Agency, Ashley has experienced many sales wins. Her prospects were responding to the pre-made email and text campaigns.

In one instance, Ashley uploaded an aged list of old prospects that she had given up on. After adding them to the new lead campaign, she was able to connect with a prospect and wrote their account. The commission from that one sale resulted in enough revenue to pay for Better Agency for six months.

Ashley Mastowski

We made some big sales using Better Agency that I would never have made before because I didn't have the time, or the processes in place to reach out.

Ashley Mastowski

The aftermath

Since using Better Agency, Ashley admits that her life as an agency owner has become less challenging. Now she is able to focus on the right tasks to grow as Better Agency works in the background to help her cross-sell clients, nurture her prospects, and move through the sales process a lot easier and with more efficiency.

Ashley couldn’t imagine trying to wear all the necessary hats of running an agency without Better Agency by her side.

Her advice to any agent considering Better Agency is to “jump in” like she did and start the 14 day trial. She’s as confident as we are that if you do, you’re sure to fall in love with how easy everything is, and how simple it is to implement into your agency. 

Better Agency: The #1 insurance CRM

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Better Agency was built by insurance agents and it’s the top choice for agents looking to grow their business. With Better Agency you can take advantage of all the top features included: automation campaigns that are built into the platform. This includes all of the emails and text messages, as well as reporting and task management.

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