Why Go With Better Agency vs. AgencyZoom?

Nicholas Ayers

Nicholas Ayers

Better Agency Co-founder

We’d just like to give a quick nod to the team at AgencyZoom. They’ve built a great product to help agencies (and if you’re here because you’re comparing Better Agency vs AgencyZoom, or looking for AgencyZoom alternatives, then you’re already doing the right thing by finding a product that will help you have more conversations with your customers.

So what’s the difference between Better Agency and AgencyZoom? Sure there are features and “product stuff” that are different between the two companies (which we get further into down this page if you’re interested)


The founding team at AgencyZoom initially built software for their captive insurance agency, while the founding team at Better Agency has been building sales and marketing software for the last decade and most recently helped build one of the best marketing automation platforms in the world during their time at InfusionSoft.

They have come together to build the best possible insurance-specific platform for both independent and captive agents.

So, long story short: If you’re an agency owner and looking for a platform built specifically to help you close leads, book sales appointments, and close deals faster – then you’re in the right place. We created Better Agency for you. Come on in. The water’s warm.

Need more convincing? I totally get it. So the rest of this page is for you. We sat down with a few of our users who switched from AgencyZoom to Better Agency to help write this page and asked each of them:

“Hey if you had to put a page up on our website breaking down the top reasons why agents would  pick Better Agency vs. AgencyZoom, what would you say?”

They gave us a handful of clear answers that should help you.


The TOP Reasons Why Agencies Use Better Agency vs AgencyZoom


Reason #1: Better Agency Helps You Start More Sales Conversations Automatically.

It seems like “automation” is everywhere these days. Every agency owner wants to automate something. If you ask them “Hey, what do you want to start automating?” The answers are sometimes broad, not very specific, or worse, you’re met with a shoulder shrug and a confused look.

We get it! You want to start automating your sales and service process, but you don’t know where to begin, or how to do it.

That’s why Better Agency solved this problem with the first “done for you” platform that gives agents the automation edge by making the whole process simple.

Other programs offer “templates” for you to use. Better Agency provides full campaigns for email, text, and task follow-ups. The campaigns are more than templates, these are custom campaigns written by professional insurance copywriters and made to entice your prospects and clients to start more sales conversations with you.

Every cross-sell campaign is already done for you, all you need to do is flip the switch and you’re done.

Nicholas Ayers

Reason #2: Get Your Downloads Inside Better Agency.

Better Agency allows you to connect your IVANS downloads directly into the system. This integration allows you to automate campaigns directly from your downloads.

This is a superior experience compared to any AMS integration. Connecting your downloads to Better Agency means more data is able to pass through. With the current AMS integrations, data is often limited and is only allowed to pass 1-way instead of back and forth.

With more integrations in the works and a full Zapier integration, Better Agency users are able to connect thousands of applications together for maximum efficiency.

Unlike other companies that claim to have more integrations, Better Agency allows you to directly connect to the platforms you already use in your agency.

Reason #3: Commercial Lines Capabilities.

Better Agency wasn’t built for personal lines agents only. We have built a platform that gives commercial lines agents more control of their sales and service process.

As agency owners, we know that there are different problems you need to solve for your commercial clients. That’s why we have collaborated with the industry’s top commercial lines agents to build a robust platform for commercial agents.

Dedicated contact records, automation workflows, and baked in processes that will allow every commercial agent to use Better Agency to grow their agency. According to users, a key point in choosing Better Agency vs AgencyZoom is the ability to connect with commercial insurance accounts.

Reason #4: It’s Better For The Whole Agency.

Other platforms are only used by salespeople. Better Agency built its platform to help agency owners monitor their agencies, for sales people to make more sales, and for CSR’s and service staff to be more efficient.

Service staff can use the dedicated service pipeline to track all incoming service requests and monitor their tasks.

Agency owners can see where every service request is at and who is working the most efficiently.

Not only that, but with Better Agency, you can collect more service-based Google reviews using our “done-for-you” service-based campaigns.

Better Agency also allows you to communicate with clients who suffered a loss. The claims campaigns will allow you to reach out automatically to every client who is in the claims process.

To date, no other platform can provide this level of “personal touch” to the entire insurance customer journey.

Reason #5: Talk To Clients At Every Renewal.

Most agency owners have regret not communicating more with clients at renewal. They wish they could reach out to clients, but are fearful that if they do, they will have no time left in their day to help new clients.

Better Agency solves this problem. It is the first of its kind to allow agents to set parameters with clients at renewal.

As an example, if you want to reach out to your clients who suffer a certain rate increase, then Better Agency can do that for you.

If you want to cross-sell more renewals, Better Agency can handle this automatically. If you simply want to say “thank you” to every renewal, then Better Agency can do that for you as well.

You have the power to dictate how you want your renewals to be communicated with.


Build Better Relationships With Your Clients And Prospects Now.

So whether you’re a customer or someone just stopping by to learn more about AgencyZoom alternatives, we couldn’t have created this article about Better Agency vs AgencyZoom without you. Thank you. Interested in seeing more of Better Agency? Start your 14-day trial and see what Better Agency would do for your agency.

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