Cold Email Tool Roundup for Insurance Agents to Dominate the Market in 2023 (Reviews + Pricing)

Nicholas Ayers
Nicholas Ayers

Co-Founder @ Better Agency

Are you struggling with your cold email marketing efforts? Trying to find the right tool to do it all? I want to introduce you to my four favorite cold email tools that can revolutionize your cold outreach game. While this is not an exhaustive list, these are the 4 I am the most familiar with, and have actually used. These tools have been picked based on their features, ease of use, and effectiveness. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just getting started, these tools will take your cold email campaigns to new heights. So, buckle up and get ready to supercharge your insurance agency’s cold email growth with LemList,, Mailshake, and!

You might be asking why did we write this article? Because if you want to do cold email, you should be using the appropriate tool. If you try to use your CRM to send cold email, and you end up getting your primary domain blacklisted you’re in for a world of pain. By using the appropriate tool, and setup you’re protecting one of your most valuable assets. Your email domain reputation.



LemList is a robust email marketing platform that could be a valuable asset for an insurance agency looking to enhance their cold email marketing efforts. I would consider 


User-Friendly Interface: LemList’s interface is praised for its ease of use. This means your team can quickly learn and adapt to the platform, reducing the time spent on training and troubleshooting.

Personalization at Scale: With LemList, you can personalize your outreach efforts at scale. This is particularly useful for insurance agencies that need to reach a large number of potential clients while still maintaining a personal touch.

Review Before Sending: LemList offers a ‘review before sending’ feature. This can help your agency avoid mistakes and ensure that all outgoing emails meet your standards of quality and professionalism.


Customer Service Limits: The majority of support is going to be chat or their helpdesk articles.

UI/UX Changes: It’s an ever evolving platform, and the look, style and usability of their platform changes quite a bit.


Starting at $59 a month per seat, it’s a good price to get started.

LemList is the granddaddy of the cold email tools, they were one of the first to market, and the fastest with innovations like personalized images. They have a range of features that can enhance an insurance agency’s cold email marketing efforts. However, potential users should be aware of some concerns regarding customer service and consider the costs of their tool it can creep up quickly.

Instantly is a powerful cold email tool designed to optimize your cold email marketing campaigns. This platform is particularly beneficial for insurance agencies looking to scale their outreach efforts and improve their response rates.


User-Friendly Interface: is praised for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Scalability: The platform allows you to send emails at scale, which is crucial for insurance agencies that need to reach a large number of potential clients.

Detailed Analytics: provides detailed analytics, giving you insights into your campaign’s performance and helping you make data-driven decisions.

Supportive Team: Users have praised the guidance provided by the team, which can be especially helpful for insurance agencies that are new to cold email marketing.


Inefficient Analytics: Some users have reported issues with the platform’s analytics, suggesting that they may not always provide the most accurate or useful information.

Limited Integration: There have been reports of limited integration capabilities with other software, which could potentially limit the platform’s functionality for some insurance agencies.


Starting at $37 per month with unlimited email accounts and warm up, it’s the best value.

Instantly is one of the newer cold email products on the market, but with their aggressive pricing, full feature set, and built in lead search tools I see them scaling very quickly. Despite some reported issues with analytics and integration, its scalability, detailed analytics, and supportive team make it a strong contender in the market.



Mailshake is a high-performing email marketing tool that insurance agents can greatly benefit from. As the modern insurance sector becomes increasingly competitive, effective cold email marketing is a vital component of an agent’s success. Mailshake’s simplicity, elegance, and user-friendly interface, as attested by multiple reviewers, makes it a top-notch tool for any insurance agent seeking to optimize their cold email campaigns.


User-Friendly: With a user interface that’s consistently described as simple, elegant, and intuitive, Mailshake makes it easy for insurance agents to set up and run their cold email campaigns without a steep learning curve.

Effective Campaign Management: Multiple-step follow-up sequences are easy to set up and manage, allowing insurance agents to run sophisticated email campaigns with minimal effort. This feature is ideal for tracking potential clients and ensuring consistent communication.

Automation Excellence: Mailshake is recognized for its advanced automation capabilities, particularly for email outreach. This means less manual work for insurance agents, freeing up more time for client interactions and other crucial tasks.

Robust Lead Management: As a sales engagement solution, Mailshake helps businesses manage their leads effectively. For insurance agents, this can translate into better customer relationships and improved conversion rates.


Limited Advanced Features: For more tech-savvy insurance agents or those looking for more complex capabilities, Mailshake might not offer enough advanced features.

Limited Integrations: The majority of their integrations for an insurance agency are going rely heavily on Zapier. They do have integrations for many larger CRMs like HubSpot and Pipedrive, but not many for the CRMs and AMS your agency is probably using. So be prepared to build some zaps.


They don’t offer a monthly option, but priced at $58 a month (paid annually) with some of their included email warm-up it’s a good price.

Mailshake is a highly recommended tool for insurance agents who seek to enhance their email marketing strategies, provided they understand the importance of a solid underlying strategy and potential software integration considerations. is an effective and user-friendly email finding and verification tool that can optimize an insurance agency’s cold email marketing efforts. With its vast database and a high success rate, you can reliably find and verify email addresses for individuals and businesses alike, aiding in the efficiency of your outreach operations.


Effective Email Finder: is widely praised for its effectiveness in finding emails, boasting a large database that proves instrumental in uncovering email addresses. This is a critical asset for an insurance agency looking to reach potential clients, saving you time and resources.

Accurate Email Verifier: The platform offers one of the more accurate email verification tools on the market. This tool minimizes the likelihood of sending emails to non-existent or inactive accounts, enhancing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

User-friendly Interface: I’ve always liked for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to locate and verify contact information. This user-friendly nature reduces training time and allows your team to start using the tool effectively right away.

Chrome Extension: Use their chrome extension on prospects or leads websites to find emails associated with the domain. Install it here.

Data Hygiene: prides itself on only adding publicly available email addresses to its database, practicing active data hygiene, and ensuring the legality of the tool.


Cost: While is a fantastic free tool for targeted 1:1 personalized outreach, it can become expensive if you’re planning to find a large number of contacts. You need to factor this into your budgeting.


You can’t get any less expensive than free to start, but the free version is extremely limited. Their paid plans start at $49 a month, their system also includes searches, and email verification. At the very least install their free chrome extension. is an invaluable tool for insurance agencies looking to optimize their cold email marketing. Its effectiveness, reliability, and user-friendly interface are significant assets, though cost should also be taken into account.

The power to dominate your cold email marketing is within your grasp. LemList,, Mailshake, and have proven themselves as game-changers in the cold email marketing industry, equipping you with the tools you need to reach your potential clients effectively. From personalized outreach at scale to detailed analytics and reliable email finding and verification, these tools have got you covered. But remember, success lies not only in the tools you use but also in your strategy and integration considerations. So, choose wisely, implement with purpose, and watch your agency soar to new heights of success. It’s time to revolutionize your cold email game and take your insurance agency to the next level!

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