A commercial focused agency

Renado Robinson is the owner of, Crosswinds Insurance in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Renado has multiple locations throughout the Carolina’s and has a strong focus on commercial lines insurance. His primary niche is transportation and trucking insurance.

Our agency is a hybrid "old-school/new-school" agency. We're old-school because we used to use Excel spreadsheets to keep up with leads. Having to manage that spreadsheet was cumbersome."

Renado Robinson

Ditching the excel spreadsheet

Before Renado signed up for Better Agency, he tried to manage everything with an Excel spreadsheet. Every day his team would look at the spreadsheet and try to track prospects and follow up messages. 

Renado knew that if he was going to scale his agency he needed a more efficient way to follow up with prospects. It became hard to manage and prospects were falling through the cracks. In Renado’s words, it was “cumbersome”.

Switching to something better.

When Renado first saw Better Agency, he knew it could help him, but he wasn’t sure about the added expense. “I watch my expenses like a hawk.” Renado told us. “I check our accounts every day to make sure every penny is accounted for.”

Renado had a choice to make. He could keep doing what he was doing and allow valuable prospects and sales to fall through the cracks with an ineffective process, or he could take the next steps in his agency growth and sign up for Better Agency.

We're getting so many leads that sometimes it's hard to keep up with what we're working on. With Better Agency we're able to use their automated campaigns to keep up with a customer so that we don't have too.."

Renado Robinson

The results

In three weeks of signing up, Renado has used Better Agency to close $114,000 in new agency premium. Renado is using the automated commercial sales campaigns to connect with prospects and closing previous quotes.

“Once we had the first person respond to an automated email, it pretty much sealed the deal.” Renado stopped worrying about follow up and sales communications because Better Agency is doing all of it for him. Now he spends his time speaking to prospects who are ready to have policies issued.  

Better Agency: The #1 insurance CRM

If you are an insurance agent looking to grow your agency and streamline your processes with automation, then you need to use an Insurance CRM.

Better Agency was built by insurance agents and it’s the top choice for agents looking to grow their business. With Better Agency you can take advantage of all the top features included: automation campaigns that are built into the platform. This includes all of the emails and text messages, as well as reporting and task management.

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