Better Agency is proud to announce the latest breakthrough in commercial insurance automation. Insurance Agents can now use Better Agency to automatically nurture, close, and cross-sell business insurance accounts.

Before we break down the new commercial insurance automation features that Better Agency users have access to, we want to send a special thank you to David R. Carothers, Ryan Hanley, James Jenkins, and Jason Cass. Commercial lines agents and users who collaborated and worked with our team for months to create a product that commercial insurance agents wanted.

One record to store and communicate with personal lines and commercial lines accounts

Better Agency believes that your account records are more than just numbers in an insurance CRM, rather they are unique people with specialized and sometimes complex needs. This requires a more thoughtful and intentional communication approach.

Agents spend their time speaking to people who oftentimes need help with multiple lines of coverage, both for their business and for their personal needs. This is why we wanted to simplify the commercial insurance automation process with a more holistic approach.

Agents can store their commercial contact records in Better Agency. Instead of separating contact records up for personal and commercial lines, you can now have one contact record for each account. Users can add multiple decision-makers and contact options.

Prospects and clients will have one contact record that stores their customer’s contact and policy information for both their personal and commercial lines policies. Simply toggle between “personal” or “commercial” tabs and you can see all of the critical information for the contact. 

Within the commercial tab, agents can store important client information such as Company DBA, FEIN#, employee count, payroll, gross receipts, and more. As is the case with personal lines, agents can use Better Agency to store all of their client documents such as loss runs, supplemental applications, and ACORD forms. 

One Place To Communicate

By having a single contact record, Better Agency users can communicate with their commercial lines prospects and clients from within the client record. Agents can toggle back and forth between contact phone numbers for easy SMS/MMS texting, or they can select which email address (business or personal) they want to send email communications to.

This simple, streamlined approach will allow commercial insurance sales agents to work more efficiently as they manage their customer’s accounts.

A fully automated, done-for-you commercial sales process

Better Agency will help you close more business insurance with its “Done-For-You” automation campaigns. These campaigns will help you set more sales appointments, close more sales, and nurture more leads.

Agents can either enter their commercial prospects manually, or they can integrate any of their webforms to Better Agency for automatic data entry. Each stage of the sales pipeline has its own automated emails, SMS texting, and automated task management campaigns already created and assigned.

This means every email follow-up and text message that moves the prospect further along in the sales process is already built-out and included for agents to use. Agents no longer need to worry about sales follow-up or outreach because Better Agency does it for you.

Automatic X-Date Followup

If you fail to close an account for whatever reason, you can use the x-date feature inside of Better Agency. This will allow agents to specify the prospects x-date along with any notes for this prospect, the current carrier, and the estimated premium.

In the months leading up to this x-date, Better Agency will automatically reach out to your lost prospect and attempt to re-engage them in a new sales process. This will allow agents to win more business over a longer period of time.

Each month agents will receive a list of their assigned upcoming x-dates. Agents can also track their upcoming x-dates on the dashboard and sort by date, premium, incumbent carrier, or reasons lost. 

These “Done-For-You” automation campaigns will help agents close more business insurance by guaranteeing more follow up and communication with new and old prospects.

Built-in cross-selling campaigns that are done for you

As is the case with personal lines, Better Agency users can take advantage of the built-in cross-selling campaigns that are included for every Better Agency membership. Simply select which line of commercial business you would like to cross-sell and Better Agency will begin emailing and texting your existing commercial business looking for additional sales opportunities for you.

Current automation campaigns include BOP, general liability, commercial auto, comp, cyber, and more. These campaigns are professionally written with conversion and revenue generation in mind. The Better Agency team has spent a considerable amount of time with the industry’s top-performing commercial agents to dial in the correct messaging and workflows that create more sales opportunities.

Better Agency will help you sell more commercial insurance

If you are a commercial lines agent looking to simplify the sales process, then we want to invite you to start a 14-day trial of Better Agency. 

During your 14-day trial, our team of success managers will help you implement all of the new commercial features. We can assist with uploading a list of prospects or customers to Better Agency and starting your sales campaigns for you.

With over 1000 insurance agent users, see why more agents are switching to Better Agency and are making it the fastest growing Insurance CRM today.

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