As a health insurance agent that provides Medicare Supplemental insurance policies, a part of every day is looking for quality leads that will eventually turn into more sales. With over 3.5 million Americans turning 65 each year, there are millions of potential turning 65 leads out there for insurance agents that provide these policies to individuals over 65. But what is the best way to find these quality T65 leads? Do you need to buy them, or can you find them on your own?

What is a T65 lead?

Medicare Supplemental insurance policies are only for people over the age of 65. However, many people begin their insurance planning before they have the need. Turning 65 leads, also known as T65 leads or Medicare leads, are potential clients that are 64-years-of-age and ready to start looking at potential policy options. Getting your name in front of this demographic early allows you to educate and share your experience first, which in turn can lead to more policy enrollments when they turn 65.

Where can you find T65 leads?

While many agencies opt to purchase T65 leads for agents, this is not your only option. There are many free ways insurance agents can generate these leads daily without having to pay up-front costs to lead generation companies. Many of these options can come from existing, satisfied customers or from simply sharing your knowledge in an area of insurance that confuses so many seniors.

Referrals from existing clients

Your current, satisfied customers in this demographic are often your best source of T65 leads. In most cases, satisfied customers are more than willing to provide you with referrals. All you need to do is ask! In most cases, referrals are more likely to produce appointments and closings on policies. Adding referral requests to your website, emails signatures, and other client correspondences are some great ways to encourage these referrals.

Become active in senior organizations

When you are looking for seniors approaching age 65, a great resource for leads is local senior organizations. Checking with your local Chamber of Commerce can introduce you to local clubs and organizations that cater to seniors. By becoming an active part of these organizations, you can build trust and brand awareness with the participants while developing personal relationships that can lead to qualified leads and referrals. Offering educational seminars or question and answer sessions during senior events is often a great way to get to know potential clients and generate many leads.

Offer education opportunities

Medicare is a complex topic and often the source of frustration to many. This is where you can make a difference. By offering regular question and answer sessions, informational, educational groups, or discussion seminars, you can educate seniors and help them navigate the complex Medicare system. This helps build relationships and trust with them that can lead to potential T65 leads and referrals. When you help them understand the Medicare system, they are likely to turn to you when it is time to purchase and refer your services to their friends and family.

Third-party lead generation

Many companies specialize in lead generation, with many putting a focus on Medicare leads and T65 leads. These companies effectively marrow down leads based on your target market, offering leads that are prescreened and often ready to close.

Buying medicare leads

Buying Medicare leads and T65 leads from a third-party agency are often recommended in order to maintain a regular flow of qualified leads. Once the agency understands your potential client base and the specific plans you are interested in selling, they can target that specific demographic, offering you T65 leads that are interested in those certain plans. They can break down potential leads by age, marital status, income level, and more. This allows you to individualize your leads to your business and personal strengths, ensuring high-quality leads that lead to policy closes.

Acquiring medicare leads can boost business

Creating a regular stream of Medicare leads and T65 leads is essential for your success as a health insurance agent. But, once you have these leads, it is even more important what you do with them. Closing these leads depends on your ability to educate them and help answer their questions through regular contact and campaigns.

One way to help manage your leads and active campaigns is an effective insurance-specific CRM or AMS that lets you automate so many aspects of your agency, including lead management and campaigns.

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