Better Agency is proud to announce our newest feature, the Referral Partner Center.

With this feature, insurance agents can communicate with their referral partners in real-time, and make the referral process easier than ever.

The Referral Partner Center is a better way for your referral partners to refer more clients to you. All you have to do is provide your referral partners with the custom referral link. When they refer their clients to you, Better Agency’s automation campaigns will begin.

You can stay in constant contact with your referral partner and keep them in the loop on the status on the referral’s insurance.


Another cool feature is your ability to refer business right back to your partners.

As an example, if a Mortgage Loan Officer refers you to their client, that client will enter Better Agency. When the same client refinances with a different lender, you can alert your partner with a push of a button.

A warning will alert your referral partner who can now try to save their client and help them with a better loan and potentially more competitive interest rate.

This feature gives your referral partners confidence as they refer business to you. Insurance agents can use this feature to build better relationships with loan officers.

These “lay-up” referrals help you attract more loan officer referral partners as well. It provides the highest quality lead they will ever work with.

Only with Better Agency can you declare to loan officers: “Send me all your business, and I’ll protect it for you.”


A Better Way To Work With Your Clients.

Better Agency makes it easy for your clients to refer you to more people. Each Better Agency user has a unique referral link that they can give to their clients. When your customers complete the form, that information goes into Better Agency.

The “done-for-you” sales campaigns will start the sales process for you and help you close more referred business on auto-pilot while making your referral partners look top-notch.

Better Agency is #1 for agency growth

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