4 months into his new agency.

Daniel Ahluwalia opened his new insurance agency, Green Planet Insurance in Phoenix Arizona after spending six years as a captive agent.

Daniel signed up for Better Agency almost immediately and quickly started using the insurance CRM to manage his pipeline and tasks.

When going independent, I was looking at different software solutions I can use to manage prospects and to be organized with our sales. I stumbled across Better Agency, and I'm glad I did."

Daniel Ahluwalia

“The only marketing I do.”

Better Agency is the only marketing strategy Daniel uses. Using Better Agency’s “done for you” sales automation campaigns, Daniel has generated over 1600+ new insurance quoting opportunities.

Each month Daniel adds a list of approximately 1500 old prospects and dead leads that he never sold with his captive company. The sales campaigns are generating over 15 new quoting opportunities every day. It’s enough to feed his team of three sales producers.

With the sales automation, Daniel has closed on nearly $200,000 in new personal lines premium inside of four months.

Daniel admits he isn’t even using the “done for you” cross-selling campaigns and is only using the new lead campaigns found within the platform.

42 Google reviews in 4 months

Daniel has used the “New Client Onboarding” campaigns inside of Better Agency to generate 42 new Google reviews for his agency.

To help put that in context, Daniel told us that he only generated 30 Google reviews in six years as a captive agent.

Anybody looking for a solution to manage prospects and sell within an independent agency, I definitely recommend Better Agency."

Daniel Ahluwalia

The aftermath

Daniel admits that he is only using a fraction of what Better Agency can do. He knows that as he begins to use more campaigns that are already in the system, he will double and triple his success rate.

Daniel is ‘all in” with Better Agency because he sees the positive impact it is having on his business. His team loves the system and it is allowing him to reach more prospects and serve their insurance needs.

Better Agency: The #1 insurance CRM

If you are an insurance agent looking to grow your agency and streamline your processes with automation, then you need to use an Insurance CRM.

Better Agency was built by insurance agents and it’s the top choice for agents looking to grow their business. With Better Agency you can take advantage of all the top features included: automation campaigns that are built into the platform. This includes all of the emails and text messages, as well as reporting and task management.

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