What Insurance Agents Need to Know About The Campaign Registry

Nicholas Ayers
Nicholas Ayers

Co-Founder @ Better Agency

Don’t let the name fool you; this isn’t some secret government organization dedicated to tracking your every move. No, The Campaign Registry is a third-party phone carrier managed hub designed to protect you and your customers from the scourge of unsolicited text messages. 

What is The Campaign Registry?

In the age of text messaging, it’s become all too easy for companies to spam you with messages you don’t want or need. That’s where The Campaign Registry comes in. It’s essentially a registration system for companies that want to send text messages to their clients and prospects through software systems like CRMs (that’s Customer Relationship Management, for those not in the know). This type of messaging is also known as A2P, or application to person.

The main purpose of The Campaign Registry, or TCR, is to protect mobile subscribers from spam and unsavory characters. And let’s face it, we’ve all gotten those text messages from random numbers promising us riches or love, only to find out it’s a scam. The TCR aims to prevent that type of nonsense.

Why do businesses need to register?

If you’re a company that wants to communicate with your clients or prospects through text messages, you’re going to need to register your campaign and numbers with the TCR. That way, mobile carriers can verify that you’re a legitimate business and not some nefarious pill spammer. 

It’s important to note that a campaign can have text messages sent from multiple numbers, but it should represent a single purpose, such as notifications, reminders, marketing, or sales. If you have different intentions, you might need to create separate campaigns based on your specific use cases. 

The registration process also comes with some costs. Some mobile carriers may require your brand to be vetted, and there could be one-time fees and monthly charges associated with the registration process. It’s important to note that Better Agency has no control over any limitations or costs associated with the TCR. So, make sure you do your research and fully understand what you’re signing up for.

What happens if you don’t register?

If you’re thinking, “Screw the TCR, I’ll just keep texting my clients anyway,” think again. Any ten-digit numbers being used for messaging between a brand and a consumer are required to be registered. If you’re sending messages from an unregistered number, you could be fined, blocked, or given stricter messaging limitations. And to add insult to injury, unregistered numbers will be billed at a higher cost per message. 

Oh, and mobile carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile also have the right to reject messages coming from an unregistered number. So, really, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot by not registering.

How do you register?

Luckily, registering with the TCR is pretty straightforward. If you’re using Better Agency, you’ll follow the prompts on the edit agency page to register your phone number or numbers. And if you’re not using Better Agency, well, what are you waiting for?! Just kidding. The TCR is something all SMS providers are required to comply with, reach out to your current SMS provider and they’ll be able to help you.

It’s important to keep in mind that the rules of The Campaign Registry are constantly evolving, so make sure to keep an eye out for updates and changes. And if you have any questions, reach out to your provider or send an email to support@betteragency.io if you’re a Better Agency client.

Look, we get it. Registering with the TCR might seem like a hassle, especially if you’re a small business owner just trying to keep your head above water. But at the end of the day, it’s all about protecting mobile subscribers from spam and unsavory characters. And who doesn’t want that? 

So, take a deep breath, fill out those registration forms, and rest easy knowing that you’re doing your part to make the world a better place. Or at the very least, you’re not annoying the crap out of your clients with unwanted text messages.

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