Reserve Your Exhibitor Booth At The 2nd Annual Better Agency Conference.

April 7th-9th, 2022, The Avion Center Chandler Arizona

Only 20 Booths Available – 2 Exhibitors MAX Per Category.

What Do Conference Exhibitors Get?

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Who Will Be At The Conference?

We are capping our attendance at 250 independent agency owners. Most of the attendees will be current Better Agency users, however, we are opening registration to non-BA users as well.

As an exhibitor, you will be able to mingle freely with anyone in attendance. You also are encouraged to schedule any time you see fit for one-on-one meetings, client appreciation meals, or networking events.

Current Open Exhibitor Categories

Event Itinerary

Thursday April 7th

Thursday Morning Mountain Hike

Arizona is home to some of the most beautiful mountain hikes in the world. As an exhibitor, this is a perfect time to connect with attendees and build solid relationships over the course of 3-5 hours. This is optional, and the degree of difficulty is low to medium. You can stop at any time.

Exhibitor Booth Setup - 5pm - 6pm

Begin setting up your booth at 5pm on Thursday. You'll want to be quick because the opening night reception begins at 6pm. Each booth has a six foot table (not draped), power and wifi. Exhibitors are free to decorate their booth however they see fit as long as it does not impede on another exhibitors booth space.

Welcome Reception - 6pm - 9pm

Exhibitors are encouraged to join our welcome reception from 6pm - 9pm. There will be a bar serving drinks and small appetizers on hand. This is a perfect time to meet and network with other attendees. Thursday night is also a great night to host any client appreciation dinners or private events. We've included a list of local restaurants and bars down below for your convenience.

Friday April 8th

Opening Session - 9am

Better Agency CEO Will Shaw and CTO, Jordan Hatch will open our conference with opening remarks and the product vision and roadmap for Better Agency. There will not be any breakfast served. This is an opportunity for you to schedule coffee meetings or client appreciation breakfasts with your clients and prospects.

Meet The Exhibitors - 10am

All breaks will be held in the exhibitor hall. This will be the first time attendees can walk booth to booth and meet all of the exhibitors in one location. We will only serve coffee and snacks inside or near the exhibitor area. This break will last for 30 minutes.

How They Built A $100 Million Agency - 10:30am

Before Ryan, Andy, and Sean launched Glovebox, they built a small, family agency to over $100 million in personal lines premium. Their strategy revolved around building relationships with loan officers and getting more referrals. In this one-hour session, they will teach attendees how they did started, and the tactics they used to generate more loan officer referrals.

4-Part Formula For Great Ads To Build A Local Brand - 12:30pm

Tim Chermak is a world-renowned speaker, author, and business owner. He started Platform Marketing and has worked with thousands of real estate agents.There are a lot of similarities between real estate agents and insurance agents when it comes to building a local brand. Tim will present his unique strategies that have helped his clients 10x their businesses.

Exhibitors Hall Break - 1:45pm

All breaks will be held in the exhibitor hall. We will only serve coffee and snacks inside or near the exhibitor area. This break will last for 30 minutes.

Exhibitor Elevator Pitch From Stage- 3pm

As an exhibitor, you will have 3 minutes of time from stage to present on anything you want to talk about. You are encouraged to create a slide-deck that we will run for you. Exhibitors will rotate every 3 minutes. This is your chance to get maximum exposure to the entire group of attendees. We encourage exhibitors to get as creative as possible, nothing is off-limits with the exception of talking poorly about another exhibitor behind a microphone.

Saturday April 9th

Business Leadership Development - 9am

Grant Botma is the owner and founder of Stewardship. With over 20 employees and multiple divisions (mortgage, insurance, financial planning) Grant brings a fresh and unique perspective to successfully leading a team and company. Grant will share his lessons and help attendees grow in their leadership abilities.

Creating Your Sales Workflows - 10am

Mick Hunt is the owner of Premier Strategy Box. Mick is an expert in creating sales strategies and sales workflows. He'll be walking attendees through his best practices.

Exhibitor Hall Break - 11am

All breaks will be held in the exhibitor hall. We will only serve coffee and snacks inside or near the exhibitor area. This break will last for 30 minutes.

How To Build A Memorable Brand - 1pm

Ciara Gravier is the Founder & CEO of The Bunker Insurance & Risk Management. She combines her deep knowledge of commercial insurance (CIC, CRM, CCIC, PWCA, CPIA) with her background in marketing and branding to grow her agency. Ciara will be educating attendees on how to build a memorable brand in their communities.

Exhibitor Hall Break - 2pm

All breaks will be held in the exhibitor hall. We will only serve coffee and snacks inside or near the exhibitor area. This break will last for 30 minutes.

Cool Attractions Nearby

Let’s not fool ourselves here, a big reason (if not the only reason) you come to events is so that you can have face time with current customers. We understand that and encourage you to do everything in your power to meet with and build relationships with your current clients.

You should plan on doing “client appreciation” dinners or breakfasts, or look for strategic opportunities for coffee meetings before the day starts.

Here are some local recommendations (picked out by our resident food snob Nicholas Ayers)  for food, entertainment, and coffee that you can use as meeting spots with your clients or prospects.

Downtown Gilbert - 15 minutes away

Downtown Gilbert is the best place for dinner resturants. It has an eclectic style of food choices. For large, casual dinners, we suggest "Culinary Dropout" which has a indoor/outdoor bar. "Wiskey Row" is great for groups as well. It is a "honky-tonk" resturant. The food is mediocre, but the entertainment with a live band is great. Other options include "Pomo" (Italian) or "Da'Bayou Creole Kitchen" (Nick's favorite). There is a decent coffee house "Bergies" as well which has an awesome outdoor space for medium size coffee groups. As always, we suggest making reservations for any group.

Mythical Coffee - 12-15 minutes away

There is a Starbucks on every corner, but if you want good local coffee, then Mythical is the best option nearby. The seating is decent (not great) but the coffee is really good and this is a great spot for coffee meetings and free wifi.

SanTan Village - 10-12 minutes away

San Tan Village is an outdoor shopping and dining area. It has some great places to eat. If you want steak, then go to "The Keg Steakhouse and Brewery" or "Bourbon & Bones". If you want sushi, then visit "Blue Wasabi Sushi and Martini's". One of Nick's favs is "Dog Haus" that does high-level hotdogs, brats, and beer...if you're into that sort of thing. There is also "State 48 Brewery". We suggest calling ahead and making reservations wherever you choose.

FAQs We Tend To Get Asked A Lot

We don't want to but feel it's a good idea this year to limit exhibitors to 2 per category. Here's the reality of it, we only have 20 exhibitor spots. It would be very easy for us to fill half of those spots with virtual assistant companies, or premium finance companies. That would not be the best experience for attendees. In 2023 we'll have much more room for other exhibitors and can open it up then.

As an exhibitor, you will have your own booth, but let's be real here, the best way for you to get value from this event is by taking advantage of all the networking opportunities you are given. We encourage you to be as social as possible while at the event. Take clients and prospects out and "wine and dine" them. Set your own meetings in advance with the attendee list. Go hiking on Thursday morning with people. Prepare your best elevator pitch from the stage. The booth is the smallest part of your sponsorship. Don't overthink it, it's a six-foot table. Build relationships!

You should make plans to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The drive is about 30 minutes away from the event venue.

Before we mention nearby hotels, here's a unique idea. Offer to pay for or split an AirBnB in the Gilbert/Chandler area. This way you can get a ton of time with attendees.

If that's not your thing and you want to max out your travel points, then a few close hotels are:

  1. Holiday Inn Phoenix - Chandler, an IHG Hotel - 11-minute drive
  2. Hilton Garden Inn Chandler Downtown - 9-minute drive

  3. Marriott Phoenix Chandler - 11-minute drive

Short answer: Yes. But let's explain how we plan on doing it. We will conduct a series of surveys with attendees in advance and segment their answers into categories. These categories will include: "has difficulty finding employees" or "needs help generating new leads" and others.

As an exhibitor, you will get the segmented lists of these categories in advance so that you can connect pre and post-event. You will also be able to identify your ideal prospect at the event using our color-coded system. This way, if you spot an attendee at the event with a color-coded badge, you can talk to them specifically.

You can tear your booth down Saturday at 2:30pm. Please don't do it before, it looks tacky.

Yes. The dress code is "dont be naked". Other than that, you can wear anything from a tuxedo to your sleeveless Def Leppard shirt.