Grow Your Insurance Agency With 100+ "Done-For-You" Text and Email Campaigns Proven to Sell More Premium

With Better Agency, you can use policy downloads to automate the entire customer lifecycle. Our automated text and email campaigns have been tested on 300,000+ insurance prospects, and they’re proven to sell more premium for you on autopilot.

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Get Automated Texts and Emails Tested Against 300,000+ Insurance Prospects and Proven to Sell More Premium

Direct-to-consumer insurtech companies are using new tools to squeeze independent agents out of the market…

And now it’s time for you to fight back.

With Better Agency, you can weaponize your data by using policy downloads to automate the entire customer lifecycle, from sales and service all the way to claims and renewal.

This is where our pre-written text and email campaigns come in.

Each one has been tested against 300,000+ insurance prospects and proven to sell more premium for you on autopilot.

So you can finally embrace technology instead of shunning it and trying to do things the old-fashioned way.

Now you can close more prospects and sell more premium without writing a single word of text.

As you’ll see below, these automated and pre-written campaigns often generate sales for new users before their 14-day trial is even over.

But that’s not all you’ll get…

What Do I Get With Better Agency?

Better Agency is Trusted by Thousands of Insurance Agents.

We had a great cross-selling system before but attribute about 250 more cross sells due to the system and 10 hours saved per month with Better Agency.
Billy Wagner Photo
Billy Wagner
Brightway Insurance
We closed a $12,000 life policy using the cross -sell campaigns and a $70,000 commercial policy today. I'm still only on day 5 of my trial.
Daniel Hull - Photo
Daniel Hull
KMH Insurance Group
I can point to accounts each month that were closed because of Better Agency. Our ROI over the last few months has been between 600% - 800% and continues to increase. I can't say all of our investments have generated those kind of returns. Thank you Better Agency!
Stewart Farris - Photo
Stewart Farris
Farris Insurance Advisors
We signed up for Better Agency 3 weeks ago and the drip campaigns are fire!

We've closed 8 home and auto bundles for $24,000 and 3 commercial auto accounts for $90,000 in premium.
Renado Robinson - Photo
Renado Robinson
Crosswinds Insurance

See How Some Agents Sold Over $50k in New Premium Within 14-Days

Wondering if Better Agency is right for you?

If so, consider this: some agents have sold over $50k in new premium after switching to Better Agency…

Check it out:

✅ Daniel Hull closed a $12,000 policy and a $70,000 commercial policy 5 days after switching to Better Agency.

✅ Billy Wagner 2X’d his cross-sell activity in just 2 months

✅ Renado Robinson sold $114k in new premium in his first 3 weeks

✅ Stewart Farris reports his ROI from Better Agency is 600-800% and growing

Over 1000 Independent Agents Are Seeing A Positive ROI With Better Agency.

(We're Sure You Will Too!)

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FAQs We Tend To Get Asked A Lot

Better Agency believes that "connectivity" is the best way forward for the insurance agents. Our team is always looking for more industry partners to connect with.

Better Agency has direct integrations with:

  • Zapier
  • EZLynx (Data Sync)
  • NowCerts
  • Lightspeed Voice
  • Neoteric Agent
  • Tarmika
  • Advisor Evolved
  • Coterie Insurance

The answer is "maybe".


If you only use an AMS for IVANS downloads and you want those downloads to do something, then yes, Better Agency can be a viable replacement for you.

In order to take advantage of our best pricing, we ask you to sign a one-year commitment.


A 10% surcharge will be applied if you want to pay monthly without signing any sort of contract.


Better Agency is your partner, committed to your success. A signed agreement is a clear indicator that you are interested in having Better Agency partner with you and are as committed to the process as we are.

No. That would be exhausting. We have no interest in that. We sell a CRM and AMS, we do not sell your data.

You own your data.

Better Agency was created by independent agents. Our way of thinking mirrors what IA's think about and we're focused on solving the pain-points IAs face.

If you're a captive agent who thinks like an independent agent, then Better Agency will help you.

No, and allow us to tell you why.


Agents who choose Better Agency will do so after having gone through our consultative discovery process.


We do not believe in a transactional "one-call closes" sales process. Rather, our goal is to understand your needs and determine if Better Agency can solve those problems.


Your Account Executive will provide a detailed Business Case/ROI report to determine if Better Agency is the right fit for you.


By knowing that Better Agency is not a good fit for every agency, we're confident that this process will ensure your success.