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Better Agency: The Sales AMS & CRM for Independent P&C Insurance Agents:

Using policy downloads to automate the entire insurance customer lifecycle is the key to more sales growth and increased retention and it’s only attainable through Better Agency.

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Better Agency is Trusted by Thousands of Insurance Agents.

"I can point to new accounts each month that were booked primarily because of the Better Agency platform. Our ROI over the last few months has been between 600% - 800%"

"I have so many clients coming back to me for other lines of business. I've had Better Agency for only 5 days."

"We built a lot of $&%@ on our own over the years If Better been around 5 years ago it would have been a HUGE time & money saver. These agencies without systems have no idea what they are getting with Better.

"Took me 10 minutes to upload a list of contacts and just turned on the automation that was it!"

"I can say without a doubt, it has increased our ability to accomplish tasks. For any small to large agencies, this is a no brainer."

"We've doubled our cross-sell activity and saved 20 hours of work a week. It's working my friends!"