What To Expect On Your 2 Discovery Calls

This video takes 2 minutes to watch. These details might save 30 minutes on a Zoom call.

Our goal is to partner with you and your agency for many years. This is why our approach is not limited to a transactional conversation. Just like you, we desire to build better relationships with our clients. 


30 Minutes On Zoom

30 Minutes On Zoom

FAQs We Tend To Get Asked A Lot

Better Agency believes that "connectivity" is the best way forward for the insurance agents. Our team is always looking for more industry partners to connect with.

Better Agency has direct integrations with:

  • Zapier
  • EZLynx (Data Sync)
  • NowCerts
  • Lightspeed Voice
  • Neoteric Agent
  • Glovebox
  • Tarmika
  • Advisor Evolved
  • Coterie Insurance

The answer is "maybe".


If you only use an AMS for IVANS downloads and you want those downloads to do something, then yes, Better Agency can be a viable replacement for you.

Yes. We ask new users to sign a one-year commitment.

Better Agency is your partner, committed to your success. A signed agreement is a clear indicator that you are interested in having Better Agency partner with you and are as committed to the process as we are.

We have many users who focus on commercial insurance. It really depends on your workflow.

Better Agency receives commercial downloads from carriers who send data to IVANS. 

Better Agency has Acord forms.

If your focus is large middle-market insurance, then you might find our built-in workflows more difficult.

If you focus on standard commercial, then Better Agency will work for you.

No. That would be exhausting. We have no interest in that. We sell a CRM and AMS, we do not sell your data.

You own your data.

Better Agency was created by independent agents. Our way of thinking mirrors what IA's think about and we're focused on solving the pain-points IAs face.

If you're a captive agent who thinks like an independent agent, then Better Agency will help you.

No, and allow us to tell you why.


Agents who choose Better Agency will do so after having gone through our consultative discovery process.


We do not believe in a transactional "one-call closes" sales process. Rather, our goal is to understand your needs and determine if Better Agency can solve those problems.


Your Account Executive will provide a detailed Business Case/ROI report to determine if Better Agency is the right fit for you.


By knowing that Better Agency is not a good fit for every agency, we're confident that this process will ensure your success.

We download everything carriers send to IVANS. Contact data, policy data, claims, renewals, endorsements, and all lines of business.

Yes. We have the commonly used Acord forms in our system and they can be pre-filled.

Currently, no. 

Adding accounting features inside of Better Agency is on our 2022 product roadmap.

No. We are a good fit for P/C agents who focus on personal and commercial lines and look to cross-sell those other lines for life and health.

Need To See The Product Tour Before Your Discovery Call?

On our first call together we will not be doing a “product tour”. If we spend our short period of time together showing you software and not looking to understand your biggest goals, then we will be wasting your time. If you need to see what everything looks like, you can watch this 10-minute product tour.

Have You Seen The Proof?

Better Agency is loved by thousands of independent agents. Soon, we’ll add your success story to our “wall of proof”.