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An AMS and CRM in one system – Say goodbye to manual work and multiple systems


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Julie uses the sales pipeline and built-in automation in Better Agency to close more policies every month.

✌️Save 1,000+ Work Hours by Automating Tasks!

With over 2,437+ built-in automation triggers, you’ll easily save time and automate manual tasks and followup.

How Does Better Agency Work?

Set up your first campaign in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1:

Add your contacts. (prospects, customers, past clients)

Step 2:

Select the contacts you want to add to a new automation campaign. 

Step 3:

Select which built-in automation campaign you want to start.

Imagine The Possibilities of Automating Everything!

Better Agency has more than 2000+ automation triggers built-in so that nothing falls through the cracks in your agency. Free up more of your time and sell moe policies with the only sales-driven AMS.


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"We built a lot of $&%@ on our own over the years If Better been around 5 years ago it would have been a HUGE time & money saver. These agencies without systems have no idea what they are getting with Better.

Better Agency Has All The Features You Need.

Easy-to-use built-in tools that help you create workflows and sell more policies.

Automated Sales Pipeline

Start new automation campaigns when you drag and drop your deals to any pipeline stage.

CSR Service Center

Create new service tickets, track endorsements, and collect service-based Google reviews.

Automated Renewal Pipeline

Segement renewals by premium increase and communicate to every customer at renewal

2-Way Email Sync

Auto-connect every email (inbound and outbound) to the customer record.

Text Your Contacts

Unlike with EZLynx, you can add SMS texting to every automation campaign for max results.

2-Way Email Sync

Schedule mass email and text broadcasts to all of your contacts or a segmented list.

The Most Powerful AMS Platform… Without High Cost 👍

Switch to Better Agency and say goodbye to manual entry, clunky integrations, and poorly designed legacy systems.

Pay In Full


CRM Only

100+ automation campaigns for sales, service, renewals.


Add. users: $45/month 

Onboarding fee applies.


Quick overview:

See all features below



Policy downloads trigger campaigns. Use one system for CRM/AMS.


Add. users: $45/month 

Onboarding fee applies.


Everything in Beginner, plus:

See all features below


CRM, AMS, Rater, Proposals

Policy downloads trigger campaigns. Use one system for CRM/AMS.


Add. CRM users: $45/month 

Add. Rater users: $50/month 

Onboarding fee applies.

Everything in Basic, plus:

See all features below

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We know how hard other AMS companies make it when you want to leave. PLUS, we know it feels daunting to switch. That’s why we’re making switching to Better Agency the easiest decision you ever have to make. We’re so confident you’ll love Better Agency, that we won’t charge you a single penny until we import your old AMS exit file. ALSO, we’ll waive the onboarding fees if you decide to take action today! It’s a no-brainer 🧠

I have witnessed the positive impact that Better Agency can have on agencies of all sizes.

Take some time out of your busy schedule today, and identify the tasks that fall through the cracks in your agency.

It won’t be long until you realize that there are possibly many thousands of dollars you’re missing out on with new sales or increased retention. 

Start small by automating a simple task or cross-sell campaign, and you will quickly understand the unique power that automation can unleash for your business.

Thank you, and I hope that Better Agency plays a small part in your success story.

Nicholas Ayers | Co-Founder Better Agency

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