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4 Ways To Make EZLynx Work With Better Agency

As an EZLynx user, you want what every other independent insurance agent wants:

You want to write more policies for your customers. You want to make your sales follow up happen with ease. You want to automate your agency communications.

Working with other companies for customer automation was a wish for most EZLynx users. EZLynx would like to keep all their customers inside of their platform. This allows them to charge more money for their services.

But what if the only available solution isn’t good enough? It doesn’t help agents who are looking for better communication solutions.


There have been many EZLynx users who have joined the Better Agency family. They wanted a more efficient and productive way to communicate with their clients.

EZLynx users often ask “does Better Agency integrate with EZLynx?”

This “barrier” has been what has kept many EZLynx users hampered and unable to get to the next level of growth.

Nicholas Ayers
Nicholas Ayers

Chief Marketing Officer, Better Agency

The short answer is “no”. The long answer is “kind of”.

In this article, you’ll see how you can work with both EZLynx and Better Agency in your agency.

Let’s do some “myth-busting”, and hear from other EZLynx users. These users are combining Better Agency with EZLynx and having success growing.

The Truth About “Double Entry”

EZLynx will not allow its users to pass customer information over to another program. For this reason, many EZLynx users are hesitant about using other tools. Their concern is it might mean they have to input their data twice.

A common question we ask them in return is “how are you using automation and task management now?” The responses vary, but a common response is “we’re not doing anything”.

There are agents who would rather do nothing, or very little to avoid having to deal with “duplicate entry”.

After speaking with EZLynx users we discovered how they were using Better Agency.

A common question we ask them in return is “how are you using automation and task management now?” The responses vary, but a common response is “we’re not doing anything”.

Nicholas Ayers

1) The “Brain” And The “Mouth”.

If you want to have success, you need to know what each platform brings to the table. A common theme from EZLynx users was that they were using EZLynx as the “brain” while Better Agency was the “mouth”.

EZLynx users would start their sales process in Better Agency. They would take advantage of the automation that is already done for them. They use the sales pipeline found inside of Better Agency to manage their sales process.

They allow Better Agency to be the “mouth” of their agency. After writing a policy, the user allows IVANS to download that policy into EZLynx. It’s is a filing cabinet. It stores the policy data and notes. It provides more reports for renewals and rate updates.

Some users use Better Agency to store the signed application and notes.

2) Integrate With Zapier

You can access the Zapier integration from EZLynx if you subscribe to their “Sales Center”.

The “Sales Center” offers a half-baked solution compared to Better Agency. If you have ‘Sales Center” you can use Zapier to push your data into EZLynx from Better Agency.

The first thing to do is enter your client data into Better Agency. The information you enter in gets pushed into EZLynx.

Agents can pass: Name, DOB, address, gender, marital status, social security number, phone, fax, email, and x-date into EZLynx.

While it’s not a perfect solution from EZLynx, it does help agents avoid “duplicate entry”. The Zapier integration will not allow agents to push data out of EZLynx into another program.

This shouldn’t be a problem for agents if they use Better Agency as the sales component.

EZLynx can store your policy data like a filing cabinet, and Better Agency can help you grow sales. When companies try to do things that they are not built to do, or excel at, it hurts the users.

It is in the best interest of agents if companies would work with the programs that excel in those areas. Our hope is to see EZLynx open their system up more and allow for a better exchange of information and data. This gives agents more power to scale their agencies.

3) Upload Your EZLynx Customer Data

EzLynx users can export their EZLynx customer data in lists and upload to Better Agency.

Export a mono-line home list and upload it to Better Agency’s cross selling auto campaign.

Export a mono-line auto list and upload it to Better Agency’s cross selling home campaign. You can also upload a list to sell more life insurance or umbrella insurance. Upload the entire agency book of business and trigger the Google Review campaign.

With Better Agency, you trigger any number of campaigns with a bulk upload. Any of these options will help you sell more insurance. You’ll see more results from doing this compared to doing nothing.

When you upload your data, spend some time to make sure the data is clean. Remove any duplicates you have. Make sure the contact information is accurate. Remove any odd punctuation symbols like commas, parenthesis, hyphens, or apostrophes.

Use the template found inside Better Agency to format your list then upload it to Better Agency.

If your data is clean, you will have uploaded your list and tied them to a clients email address.

4) Use Virtual Assistants To Update Your Records

An objection EZLynx users have is that they don’t want to update their files with every endorsement. They also don’t want to track every renewal and make sure policies are staying on the books.

We interviewed EZLynx users who use virtual assistants to manage these clerical tasks. They use these virtual assistants for daily monitoring and commission reconciliation.

A virtual assistant will match the data found on a commission statement in Better Agency. They also manage the renewal pipeline in Better Agency to make sure customers are in the right stage.

The cost of a virtual assistant is low compared to a W2 employee with a high return on value.

A virtual assistant provides a “hands-off” approach to managing your customer data.

There are insurance specific companies that can provide virtual assistants. Virtual assistant companies like Agency VA can supply agencies with virtual assistants who are already trained and know how to navigate EZLynx.

There’s no reason to not use Better Agency

If you’re reading this article, then it’s likely that you’re an EZLynx user who is looking for more output.

If you have a desire to grow your agency, there is nothing that should hold you back. The process isn’t perfect with EZLynx. Yet it works well enough to gain the positive results you want.

A huge benefit for EZLynx users is our own support community. There you can collaborate with other EZLynx users to see how they are using the two programs. You’re also invited to our daily live support calls where our team can help you set everything up.

We encourage every EZLynx user to sign up for our 14 day trial of Better Agency. During the trial you have every opportunity to upload your lists and run your campaigns.

Build Better Relationships With Your Clients And Prospects Now.

So whether you’re a customer or someone just stopping by to learn more about using EZLynx with Better Agency, we couldn’t have created this article without you. Thank you.

Interested in seeing more of Better Agency? Start your 14 day trial and see what Better Agency would do for your agency.

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