The CRM For Life & Health Agents That Helps You Sell More Insurance

Better Agency keeps your client information organized, and communicates with customers without the headaches.

Stay organized & connect with customers with Better Agency


The simple navigation makes it easy to keep your client records clean and secure.


Engage with your customers using built-in email and SMS texting.


Execute tasks, send broadcasts, and store your templates inside your CRM.


Store your customer data

Easily locate your customers contact info, medical notes, and policy information. We help you keep your policy records accurate so you can focus on taking care of your customers.


Text and email your clients

Built-in SMS messaging allows you to text customers, and we integrate your email to store all your client communication.


Send SMS & email broadcasts

Search and filter your contacts by age, county, or medical plans and send them custom communications by email or SMS in bulk. You can even create your own templates.


Create and manage tasks

Create and set tasks for you or another agent so that you never allow another sales opportunity fall through the cracks again.

Does This Sound Like You?

Using Spreadsheets & Sticky Notes That Cause Customers To Fall Through The Cracks?

If you want one system to manage customers and prospects and was designed for Life & Health Insurance Agents, then Better Agency is for you!

Do This Instead

Keep Data In One Place So You Never Miss An Opportunity Again

Better Agency includes email templates for email and SMS texting, and keeps all of your data secure with an easy to use interface. 

Over 1000 Insurance Agents trust Better Agency

Stewart Farris
Farris Insurance Advisors

“I can point to new accounts each month that were booked primarily because of the Better Agency platform. Our ROI over the last few months has been between 600% – 800%”

Renee Smith
Beacon Insurance Advisers

“Better Agency truly understands the needs of insurance agents. In the past I’ve needed a half dozen systems for client management, marketing, and communication to effectively connect with clients, but Better Agency rolls all of these tools into one easy to navigate system.”

Michael Overstreet
Heritage Insurance Inc

“I’ve yet to find a software company in the insurance space that offers as much support as Better Agency does. This is a company that actually cares about what insurance agency owners need and want. Rather than some cookie cutter, take it or leave it product, this is a product that has been designed with tons of input from actual insurance agents. I’ll be with them as long as I own an agency because I know they’ll continue to evolve and will always offer a quality product”

FAQs We Tend To Get Asked A Lot

Yes, we go through great lengths to provide bank-vault level encryption of your data.

No. While we do implement a contract on our P/C products, we do not require a contract for our Life & Health products

Yes. We provide a direct 2-way sync with GMAIL and Microsoft Outlook. This means you can send and receive emails directly out of Better Agency, and that communication is stored to the contact record automatically. 


You can also send and receive SMS text messages to individual contacts or in bulk to custom lists within your CRM.

No. That would be exhausting. We have no interest in that. We do not offer any of your data to any organization or group.

You own your data.

Once you sign up, you'll gain instant access to our learning platform with training content.


We also host a live call every week where you can connect with our team for custom training and support.

Yes. You can store client information and specify plans and products in all 50 states.

No you don't have to manually input any of that data. We pull plan names directly from

Of course! We'd love to have you sign up. We do provide discounts to some FMO members, but all Life and Health agents are welcome. 



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