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Create custom insurance proposals in under a minute with our software. Educate prospects and separate yourself from the competition.

Does your current insurance quote workflow look like this?

Stop! This is a giant waste of time. 

Proposals by Better Agency creates modern insurance proposals that stand out from the boring quotes they get from everyone else. Create the proposal and automate everything else. 

Start closing more policies

Proposals by Better Agency has you covered from “contact” to “close”.

Create your agent branded custom profile

Apply your agency’s branded style to all of your insurance proposals. Add your headshot, change your colors, and add your agency logo so that your brand stays is on every proposal and ready to impress.

Setup notifications to alert you when actions are taken by your customers.

step 2

Create your insurance proposal and send to your prospects

Proposals by Better Agency provides a number of pre-designed proposal templates. Enter in any special notes and send them directly to your soon-to-be clients.

Add an optional video explanation of you explaining the coverages and educating your prospects on working with your agency.

step 3

Track your clients and integrate into your favorite CRM

Track when your prospect views your proposal and get notified when they accept it or have additional questions.

Proposals by Better Agency also has a direct integration with Zapier so you can integrate into your existing CRM.

Game-Changing Features

Proposals by Better Agency is pushing the limits on what is possible in your agency.

Supports Personal & Commercial Insurance

Comm Auto
General Liab
Prof Liability
Workers Comp

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