I Will Build Your Marketing Battleplan To Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever.

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Does This Sound Like Your Agency?

You Try All The New Tactics

ChatGPT, Google Ads, Facebook, Video Marketing, do you know "why" you try these, or if you even should try them?

Be "All Things" To "All People"

Do you know who your most profitable customers are and have a detailed system to get more of them?

You Don't Have Enough Good Data

Do you know your acquisition costs and customer lifetime value? Do you understand your competitor gaps?

If You Want To Grow In 2024, You Need The Right Marketing Battleplan!

Don’t get lost playing the “tactics” game and hoping for growth. Sign up for Better Agency before 12/15/23. Every insurance agent gets three free 1:1 consultations, action steps, deliverables, and a customized blueprint for their 2024 marketing plan.

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Tactics vs Strategy & Why You NEED BOTH!

Tactics Are:
Strategy Is:
Relying on "tactics" alone is putting the cart before the horse.
Knowing how the tactics fit into your bigger strategy is how you win.

You can’t always rely on what works for someone else. Your marketing needs are different and specific. Together we’ll identify them and help you build your marketing battle plan.

When You know the right strategy, then the winning tactics are easy to identify. We'll figure this out together.

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Here's What You Get With Our 3 Private Sessions

Ideal Customer Profile

I will build a profile of your ideal customer and buyer persona so you can know who to attract and market towards.

Competitor Analysis

I will perform a competitor analysis to show you where they're winning, and how you can exploit their weaknesses.

2024 Marketing Roadmap

I will build your 2024 marketing calendar with the tactics you should perform, and the key hires you should make.

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Marketing leadership is more than just "getting leads". It's about solving your bigger problems.

Together, we’ll identify those bottlenecks and help you execute the right strategy to solve bigger problems.

**Eligibility rules: You must be an independent insurance agent that sells P/C insurance. You must have a minimum of 3 users on Better Agency. You must sign up before 12/15/23