Better Agency forms deep alliance partnership with NowCerts AMS to process back-end data transfers. 

Some FAQs

No. This is an alliance between two companies that share many of the same beliefs and want to help independent agencies. This alliance will allow Better Agency to tap into the decade long experience of AMS data processes that NowCerts has already established, and allow Better Agency to spend more time enhancing the core functionality of the CRM and make it the most innovative CRM for insurance agents.

No. As of right now, nothing will change and you do not need to have a NowCerts account. Data will still flow directly into your account just like it always has.

Better Agency will still be your primary point of contact. You will still only need a Better Agency account, so we will still be your only point of contact just as it is today.

Yes, Both Better Agency and NowCerts conform to IVANS & ACORD standards, and follow the best practices as outlined by PIIA, SOC II, and other security protocols.

This alliance provides a much deeper connection than the other standard integrations do. With this deeper connection, we are able to push and pull much more data between both systems. This integration differs from other integrations with our ability to transfer more data.