Side-by-Side CRM Comparisons For Insurance Agents

Side-by-Side CRM Comparisons For Insurance Agents

How Do I Pick The Best CRM For My Agency?

When it comes to selecting the best Insurance CRM, there are many options available for insurance agents to choose from. We’re often asked, “How Does Better Agency compare to Agency Zoom?” Or “Can Better Agency do everything Infusionsoft does?”

This article will help you compare and contrast the differences between Insurance CRMs so that you can make the best decision possible for your agency.


We feel it’s right to point out that this article is not meant to put any company down. Each company listed will have certain pros and cons that we want to mention. Our goal is to highlight the major differences between each company while also pointing out some of the features within the software that agents find helpful.

We understand that after reading this article, some may choose to go with a competitor. We’re ok with that if it’s the best choice for your agency.

We have compiled a list of these features from multiple sources including users, articles, and other review sites like Capterra and G2

Make sure whatever CRM you choose is built specifically for insurance agents. You will want to have an Insurance CRM vs a general-use CRM. Also, it is important to suggest that you select a custom CRM and not a system that was built or “white-labeled” on another system. This will allow you to receive the support you need to have the most success.

Better Agency vs Keap

Keap is a general-use CRM that was designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It is the younger sibling to its older brother Infusionsoft. It was created to help business owners who were left feeling confused by the complexities of using Infusionsoft. Think of Keap as Infusionsoft “light”

KeapBetter Agency
Price: $149/month – 500 contacts + Consultant costsPrice: $299/month – unlimited contacts
Key Features: Mobile app, Campaign builder, Sales PipelineKey Features: Sales, Service, Renewal, Claims Pipelines, “Done-for-you” insurance automation campaigns.
The Cons: Steep learning curve, No document storage, The cost of adding more than 500 contacts. The Cons: Does not provide a direct integration with AMS360
Is It An Insurance CRM? 🚫Is It An Insurance CRM?
The Reviews: (Courtesy of Capterra)

👍 “It has been pretty good. I have used other products in the past, but like anything, I think you get used to what you use now.”

👎  “VERY EXPENSIVE! also, there is no way I can use this myself so in addition to the outrageous cost for the monthly fees, I have to pay others to do everything for me.”
The Reviews: (Courtesy of Facebook reviews)

👍 Better Agency has been a game-changer for us. It has allowed us to better streamline some processes as well as improve our cross-selling ability. Nice to be working with people that understand the life cycle of an insurance prospect to client and beyond. Top-notch customer service as well. Will pay for itself in the first few weeks.

The Verdict: Keap is an improvement from its older brother Infusionsoft when it comes to simplicity. It has an improved dashboard that makes navigation more clear. A major concern many users claim it still has a steep learning curve that requires most users to pay more money and hire specialists who can create their campaigns.

It was not created with insurance agents in mind. As a general-use CRM, it can perform the basic tasks of email and text. 

Unable to store more than 500 contacts make this a non-viable option for insurance agents at this price point. Add in the fact that there is no document storage, and it easily becomes an E&O liability for agencies.

Insurance agents who choose Keap will likely need to hire a 3rd party consultant to help setup their system. These extra costs range between $1500 – $3000. This extra cost places Keap on the “more expensive” side of choices.

Better Agency vs ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a general-use CRM. It is best suited for small businesses with smaller customer databases that are looking for inexpensive solutions.

ActiveCampaignBetter Agency
Price: $70/month – 500 contactsPrice: $299/month – unlimited contacts
Key Features: Pipeline builder, Custom Campaign Builder, Lead scoringKey Features: Robust agency and producer reporting, Automated task management.
The Cons: No document storage, No task management, Expensive after 500 contacts The Cons: Does not function well on Internet Explorer browsers.
Is It An Insurance CRM? 🚫Is It An Insurance CRM?
The Reviews: (Courtesy of Capterra)

👍 “ActiveCampaign is a solid platform. The CRM has nice communication options and the tagging system for contacts and in-the-moment segmentation are nice touches.”

👎  “You’ll easily get lost in the number of options and settings. The fact that when creating an email you get redirected for simple steps just to edit email headers also hurts the flow.”

The Reviews: (Courtesy of Facebook reviews)

👍 In 7 days, we were able to completely overhaul multiple sophisticated CRM tools into one, easy to use platform with Better Agency.

We have 5 producers, 2 client experience managers, and 2 VAs, and 2 executives.

As an agency, we write about $3M in New business per year.

Upon implementation, we immediately improved upon our renewal process and saw an uptick in cross-sells.

In fact, our increased production in our first week with Better Agency nearly paid for itself for the rest of the year!

The Verdict: Active Campaign is a solid product for those people who want a simple, “general-use” system. It was not built with insurance agents in mind. You will find texting on the platform to be difficult.

ActiveCampaign requires you to purchase additional credits for text messaging. If you have any campaigns that rely on text SMS, this can quickly add up. 

Like other general-use CRMs, the inability to store documents makes this a difficult option for insurance agents. ActiveCampaign does not provide a “done for you” option when it comes to building your insurance automation campaigns.

Better Agency vs AgencyZoom

We took the time to write a lengthy article here as well. From the outside, AgencyZoom features an attractive dashboard. You can track sales and view your goals using the dashboard. Unlike Keap and ActiveCampaign, AgencyZoom is an insurance product.

AgencyZoomBetter Agency
Price: $79/monthPrice: $299/month – unlimited contacts
Key Features: Reporting dashboard, New lead pipelines, Easy UI/UX
Key Features: Fully developed personal and commercial lines automation campaigns for new business and current clients. Full Zapier access with AMS integrations.
The Cons: No built-in SMS texting (must use 3rd party), Steep learning curve, Limited automation campaigns, No service or renewal workflows, or automation campaigns. Lacks any sort of claims handling workflows. The Cons: Does not have a direct integration with Applied Epic

Is It An Insurance CRM? 🚫Is It An Insurance CRM?
The Reviews: (Courtesy of Capterra)

👍 “I am confident that the couple things I feel are lacking will be added soon, they have been great to work with.”

👎  “There is no place to manually edit workflows, and the long term retention automation is not built out yet.”

The Reviews: (Courtesy of Facebook reviews)

👍 So glad I chose to get my agency onboard Better Agency! The simplicity of the systems, the built-in copy, and the ever-growing list of features are all worth a lot more than I’m paying for them.

👍 I researched and tested 10 CRMS before choosing BA.
Few reasons why:

It was by far the easiest to implement-2weeks.

My team learned how to use it in 2 hours
It eliminated 2 other vendors right away

The team at BA has a mantra of Constant and Never-Ending Improvement.

Saving 6-8 hours per month for each producer
One of the best decisions I made in 2020

The Verdict: With their background as captive insurance agents, the founders of AgencyZoom have created a respected reporting tool.

The lack of native SMS texting functionality is a major concern. Users will need to sign up and pay for more 3rd party software to send text messages. This presents a major challenge to agents looking for simple solutions.

An agent will be forced to either create their own campaigns or select from one-off templates that lack serious punch. It would appear to be a limited solution that will require more onboarding time to implement.

While priced very low, users may become disappointed if they are looking for a robust and simple automation solution.  If all you need is a basic reporting tool, AgencyZoom provides that. If you are looking for a more robust sales and retention tool that drives agency revenue and retention up, you might find AgencyZoom lacking.

Better Agency vs HubSpot

If you require an enterprise solution, then HubSpot might be a good fit for you. While you can sign up for a free membership, it is very limited in features. You will likely need to update your plan to take advantage of features like marketing automation (automated tasks and emails). HubSpot’s main competitor would be other enterprise solutions such as Salesforce.

HubSpotBetter Agency
Price: $50/monthPrice: $299/month – unlimited contacts
Key Features: Landing pages and online forms.
Key Features: Direct integrations with HawkSoft, NowCerts, Tarmika, and Lightspeed Voice.
The Cons: No automation features unless you upgrade to their higher-priced plans. No distinct user-roles, Very costly at higher levels.The Cons: Does not provide built-in landing pages.

Is It An Insurance CRM? 🚫Is It An Insurance CRM?
The Reviews: (Courtesy of Capterra)

👍 “It has many features for a small business. The salespeople promise you the world when you use it. You do need another person to manage it. How is it for small businesses?”

👎  “Stressful, depressing, and EXPENSIVE. The customer service is terrible. They will try to milk you for every dollar that you have”

The Reviews: (Courtesy of Facebook reviews)

👍 I’ve yet to find a software company in the insurance space that offers as much support as Better Agency does.

This is a company that actually cares about what insurance agency owners need and want.

Rather than some cookie-cutter, take it or leave it product, this is a product that has been designed with tons of input from actual insurance agents.

I’ll be with them as long as I own an agency because I know they’ll continue to evolve and will always offer a quality product.

The Verdict: HubSpot is a powerful program. The question insurance agents need to ask is “what do I need?”

The starter plan is $50 a month, however, if you want to have any automated communications, you will need to sign up for their $890 a month plan. This makes HubSpot very cost-prohibitive for small businesses. We suggest HubSpot for agencies with over 50 employees.

Better Agency vs Salesforce

Like HubSpot, Salesforce is built for large companies. It is powerful and you can build just about anything you want, however, you will need to pay a large sum of money to do so.

SalesforceBetter Agency
Price: $25/month per userPrice: $299/month – unlimited contacts
Key Features: Task management, Contact storage, Mobile appKey Features: X-Date automation campaigns for personal and commercial clients. VOIP integrations.
The Cons: Automation is not included and is a separate cost to add. Difficult learning curveThe Cons: Live chat, email, and FB support only
Is It An Insurance CRM? 🚫Is It An Insurance CRM?
The Reviews: (Courtesy of Capterra)

👍 “Mostly positive except for the nagging reminder of how much you’re paying out of pocket to use it. It makes it difficult to justify a purchase.”

👎  “There was a bit of a learning curve as well as a lack of automation.”

The Reviews: (Courtesy of Facebook reviews)

👍 Better Agency truly understand the needs of insurance agencies.

In the past, I needed a half dozen client management, marketing, and communication systems to effectively connect with clients, but Better Agency rolls all these tools into one easy to navigate interface that works.

Any time I have questions or need assistance the Better Agency team responds quickly. I highly recommend Better Agency.

The Verdict: With Salesforce you can make just about everything work. The problem for insurance agents is the cost it will take to make everything you want. It is why Salesforce is used by large corporations and not many small businesses. While it’s a great tool, it is often overkill for agencies with less than 50 employees. 

The entry cost is low, however, if you ever need to add more features like “automation” it becomes very cost-prohibitive. Our suggestion is to use an insurance CRM that has these features and tools included.

Better Agency: The #1 Insurance CRM

If you are an insurance agent looking to grow your agency and streamline your processes with automation, then you need to use an Insurance CRM.

Better Agency was built by insurance agents and it’s the top choice for agents looking to grow their business. With Better Agency you can take advantage of all the top features included: automation campaigns that are built into the platform. This includes all of the emails and text messages, as well as reporting and task management.

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