See How Other Agency Owners Are Winning With Better Agency

See how these insurance agency owners are boosting sales, retaining clients, and gaining a competitive advantage.

Beaux Has A 96% Retention Rate Since Using Better Agency

See how Beaux Pilgrim was able to improve his agency retention to 96% by using the renewal campaigns.

Daniel issues a $12,000 life policy and issues a $70,000 General Liability policy using the built-in campaigns.

Quick BA win that you might want to share as a testimonial. As I stated in a comment to Nick at one point we closed a 12000 a year life premium using the life cross sell this month and I had a current list of customers that I knew we had their personal lines but not their business so I did the General Liability Cross sell campaign on them which led to us writing a 70k/year non emergency med transport risk today. If you don't know I am on day like 5 of my FREE trial...I would say its been worth it so far even if I had paid for 2 years of BA by now.
Daniel Hull - Photo
Daniel Hull
KMH Insurance Group

Kiersten Uses One System For Client Communication

Since using Better Agency, Kiersten has been able to reduce her agency software programs. She uses Better Agency to communicate and cross-sell more clients at renewal.

I just want to say thank you to the Better Agency team for helping us grow our business in 2020. We are a personal lines heavy agency here in North Carolina since 2018, and have been on board since March. We are just scratching the surface with the capabilities, but I can point to new accounts each month that were booked primarily because of the Better Agency platform. Our ROI over the last few months has been between 600% and 800% and continues to increase. Can't say all of our investments have generated those returns. Thank you Better Agency for the partnership.
Stewart Farris - Photo
Stewart Farris
Farris Insurance Advisors

"I can point to new accounts each month that were booked primarily because of the Better Agency platform. Our ROI over the last few months has been between 600% - 800%"

Daniel Gains Time And Productivity

Danny has saved his team hundreds of hours in time spent with multiple other systems. This has allowed him to spend more time growing the agency.

So with having this for 5 days. I have so many clients coming back to me for the other lines and life policies from the cross sell opportunities. I still really have no idea what I’m doing but something is working. Thanks Preston Schmidli for flooding my Facebook feed with your interviews with agents that this has helped. Thanks Nicholas Ayers for posting all those videos to show how smooth and easy it is to use. Thanks William Shaw for creating such a great product.
Harry Gill - Photo
Harry Gill
Gill Insurance Advisors

"I have so many clients coming back to me for other lines of business. I've had Better Agency for only 5 days."

Denisse Finds The One System She Loves To Use

Since using Better Agency, Denisse no longer wakes up at 2am wondering if she “sent that email”. Better Agency has already done it for her.

I was on trial for Better Agency and AgencyZoom at the same time. I put 40 clients in one, and 40 clients in another and setup the automations for cross-selling life insurance.

I have issued 14 new policies from the Better Agency campaigns. It was simple, I put clients in and hit "start" and didn't change anything.

I have only been able to send 3 proposals to the AgencyZoom clients and there was some extra work to set it up.

My experience in the last 10 days has been Better Agency has surpassed all of my expectations.

The onboarding compared to each other is also different. With Better Agency it was step-by-step with someone, with the other company it was more of a process.
Derek Burke
Farm Bureau Insurance

So how does Better Agency compare to other insurance CRM platforms?

"My experience in the last 10 days has been Better Agency has surpassed all my expectations."

Michael Has An "All In One System"

Since using Better Agency, Michael Overstreet has been able to reduce his systems down to just one system.

"I can say without a doubt, it has increased our ability to accomplish tasks. For any small to large agencies, this is a no brainer."

I can't say enough good about this product/platform! To any of my insurance agent friends out there, if you're looking for a do-it-all CRM, this is it. My agency has been using it for a month or so, and I can say without a doubt, it has increased our ability to accomplish tasks that we've struggled with in the past by using multiple systems. We're connecting more consistently with our current clients, and are able to reach prospects in a simple, straightforward way.
Matt Pascucci
The Hutch Agency

"Better Agency Is An Agency Problem Solver"

Jeromy Huerta has been able to move all of his agency operations into just one system. He isn’t a “tech” person, so he enjoys how easy Better Agency is to use

We have doubled our cross-sell activity the last two months, all while saving my team over 20 hours of work. The 30 Google reviews are icing on the cake. it's working my friends!
Billy Wagner Photo
Billy Wagner
Brightway Insurance

"We've doubled our cross-sell activity and saved 20 hours of work a week. It's working my friends!"

Better Agency Helps Automate The Entire Customer Lifecycle

Since using Better Agency, J.C Wogomon has been able to communicate with customers automatically throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

The system is substantially more user friendly than others I have used or have checked out. We have our sales team using the sales pipelines, and our CSR's are now working through the service pipeline. It is a gamechanger for my agency. Campaigns and automation are simple and easy to understand and start. I was hesitant at first and wanted to make sure I fully understood the process. Once I got it dialed in, I am now so excited at all the possibilities. The value is off the charts and is at a price point that can truly work for all size agencies. They continue to add features and systems weekly. They listen to the users and adapt. I have never used a company that is so invested in my success in using the system. Thank you, Better Agency. I am excited about the future and what you can do for my agency. Final note: I triggered my first campaign and did a small sample size of 60 mono line homes to test out. The first day we have nine open quotes and have bound three autos and two umbrellas. It paid for my trip to Phoenix.
Erik Sjolie
Sky Insurance Brokers

"The system is substantially more user friendly than others I have used or checked out. We have our sales team using the pipelines and our CSR's are working the Service Center. It's been a game-changer for my agency."

Caleb Cut His Software Down To Just One Program

Caleb has reduced his agency tech stack down to just one program – Better Agency. His favorite part is the Customer Service Center.

"Better Agency truly understand the needs of insurance agencies."

Better Agency truly understand the needs of insurance agencies. In the past I needed a half dozen client management, marketing, and communication systems to effectively connect with clients, but Better Agency rolls all these tools into one easy to navigate interface that works.
Renee Smith
Beacon Insurance Advisers

But Wait...There's More

Check out these individual case-study documentaries from agents using Better Agency.

Scratch Agent Needs A Simple System.

As the primary breadwinner for her family, Ashley began to feel overwhelmed. Working long hours left little time for processes and follow ups.

Ashley admitted that she isn’t the most “tech-savvy” insurance agent. Her frustrations grew as she began to try other systems and CRM’s. They were difficult to navigate and the support she needed was nowhere to be found.

Only Marketing System This Agent Uses.

Better Agency is the only marketing strategy Daniel uses. Using Better Agency’s “done for you” sales automation campaigns, Daniel has generated over 1600+ new insurance quoting opportunities.

Each month Daniel adds a list of approximately 1500 old prospects and dead leads that he never sold with his captive company. The sales campaigns are generating over 15 new quoting opportunities every da

$114k In Additional New Premium.

Before Renado signed up for Better Agency, he tried to manage everything with an Excel spreadsheet. Every day his team would look at the spreadsheet and try to track prospects and follow up messages. 

Renado knew that if he was going to scale his agency he needed a more efficient way to follow up with prospects. It became hard to manage and prospects were falling through the cracks. In Renado’s words, it was “cumbersome”.

 $300k Commercial Premium – 30 Days.

Prior to Better Agency he had tried every software CRM he could including Infusionsoft.

“I was putting together things that were just too difficult for my team to use on a daily basis.”

It wasn’t until he was directly referred by another Better Agency user that he decided he would take the plunge and start a 14 day trial of Better Agency

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