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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Pricing will be an additional flat price per agency regardless of how many seats they have. The price will be $150 per agency.

That’s a great question. Better Agency is the first “sales AMS”. It handles all of the management similar to an AMS, but it’s core purpose is to use your data to drive sales and trigger campaigns and workflows.

As Better Agency’s core product is a CRM, the downloads functionality will be an extension of the CRM that allows our users to run their agency more efficiently, and let go of legacy software like an Agency Management System. Our team will provide onboarding and migration at no extra cost.

That’s a great question. Our goal is to help insurance agents have a better workflow that generates more revenue within their agency. So naturally, we will support our current integrations if those are the systems that our clients love to use. The optional addition of downloads within the Better Agency CRM gives flexibility to our users, but will not be a requirement. We will continue to make as many integration partners as we can if it is in the best interest of our users.

Depending on what you are using it for - potentially. If you are using it to connect web forms, or to bring leads that you are generating into the Better Agency CRM - then that is a possibility. Downloads does not replace Zapier, although it can replace some of the need for it depending how you use Zapier.

Better Agency does NOT own your data. You should own your data (unless otherwise stated by carriers you’re appointed with, or other services you work with). As far as our relationship goes, we do not claim to own your data.

I'm loving the system...we did a cross-sell auto campaign last months and sold about 10 new policies because of it. That paid for about 6-8 months!
David Call
Ryan Everet Insurance
So with having this for 5 days. I have so many clients coming back to me for the other lines and life policies from the cross-sell opportunities.
Harry Gill - Photo
Harry Gill
Gill Insurance Advisors
Phenomenal product. It's really organized my day to day and quote requests have gone through the roof with the cross-sell campaigns.
Barry Jones Jr
Safenet Insurance Group