Agency Success Podcast Episode 1: Will Canterbury

Nicholas Ayers
Nicholas Ayers

Co-Founder @ Better Agency

Knowing Your Audience, Embrace a Culture of Hard Work and Fun with Will Canterbury

In today’s episode, I sat down with Will Canterbury to discuss the importance of knowing your audience in sales and the future of independent insurance agencies.

We start by talking about our own backgrounds and how we got into insurance. Will shares that he comes from a family of insurance professionals and always knew he would end up in the industry.

We discuss the importance of understanding your audience in sales, especially in a niche market like insurance. Will shares that his agency has found success in attracting clients in the auto industry and agriculture, using cool cars as a way to draw in potential customers. We also talk about the structure of his agency, which includes one CSR and several independent agents who operate under the agency’s umbrella.

Will emphasizes the importance of a culture of hard work and fun, with a focus on helping team members achieve their goals. We discuss his agency’s long-term goal of expanding into other southern states, while acknowledging the importance of understanding regional differences in language and culture when selling insurance.

Next, we discuss the future of independent insurance agencies compared to direct writers in the market. We both agree that independent agents have an advantage in that they have access to multiple carriers and can offer more options to customers, while captive agents are limited by their company’s offerings. We also talk about the importance of using modern technology, such as social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, for marketing purposes.

We end the conversation by offering advice to young people considering a career in insurance. Will emphasizes that you won’t get-rich-quick, but can lead to financial success if one works hard and builds strong relationships with clients. I also mention the variety of jobs available in the insurance industry beyond sales, such as marketing, customer support, and claims.

Will closes by emphasizing the importance of creating a positive and fun work culture while striving for success in growing premium and size. We both agree that money is a means to an end and emphasize the value of life experiences with family and friends over legacy concerns.

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