The insurance industry, while very personalized, is also very data-driven. Unfortunately, gathering, analyzing, and implementing all of this data can be very time-consuming and keep you stuck in the office, unable to go out and make more sales. If you are struggling with finding extra time each week, wouldn’t it be nice to automate many of the routine tasks necessary for success? Automation software for insurance agents offers that exact solution. But what can automation software really do for the insurance industry and independent insurance agents?

Lead generation and engagement

For insurance agents, lead generation is always a top priority and automation software offers a powerful tool that can help boost your lead generation and engagement. For example, when a person submits a lead form from your website, this information transfers into your automation software and automatically triggers responses. It can automatically send a personalized email, trigger an assignment for a follow-up to an agent, and more. This promotes an immediate response that is likely to increase your chance of a conversion.

Lead conversion

Whether you have acquired leads through your website, referrals, or social media, the next step is nurturing these leads and moving them through a marketing funnel towards conversion. Automation software helps you do just that through automated marketing campaigns, regular contact reminders, automated emails, and much more.

Call tracking

Talking with a lead on the phone is a great way to gather important data and necessary information. However, jotting notes while talking can often mean you miss critical information. Automation software can allow you to record phone conversations and automatically pull crucial data into your system. In addition, call tracking allows you to see when your last call was and helps to ensure that you are keeping in regular contact and nurturing the relationship.

Data entry

Data entry is a necessary process for insurance agents. Unfortunately, this can be time-consuming and very prone to human error. Automating data entry tasks, such as implementing call tracking that automatically pulls data from a phone call into your system, gives you and your agents more time to work directly with leads and customers.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be a powerful tool for your insurance agency, however, sending large email marketing campaigns can be time-consuming. Insurance marketing automation allows you to create and schedule marketing campaigns that can target specific segments of your audience on a regular basis and send these emails automatically.

Personalized client communication

Creating a personal connection with your leads and clients is essential for success but can be timely. Creating personalized emails means many hours spent on the keyboard. Automation software, however, can allow you to create an email, text message, or direct mail that can then be personalized to each individual contact automatically.

Customer onboarding

While many agents strive to sign new customers, it is important that those customers are not forgotten once a policy is in place. Customer onboarding is essential to customer retention and helps continue to nurture a positive relationship. Automation software allows you to automatically send direct mail, and emails to existing customers that can include everything from new welcome packets to monthly newsletters and marketing campaigns that encourage insurance evaluations, opening the door for additional policies.

Market segmentation

Not all of your leads and customers are the same. Marketing campaigns may work for one segment of your audience while others may require a different approach. Automation software allows you to segment your contacts based on a variety of different demographics and then send out targeted marketing campaigns to each segment, helping to boost your engagements and response rates.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is essential to learn what you are doing right as well as areas where you can improve to better serve your customers. Automation software allows you to automatically send out feedback surveys to new customers.

Social media marketing

Generating regular and timely posts to your social media accounts is essential for marketing in today’s world. However, posting to various platforms can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Automation software allows you to create and schedule regular posts for various platforms that help keep your followers engaged without taking hours away from your other necessary activities.

Campaign tracking

You want your marketing campaigns and all personal correspondence, such as emails or even text messages, to be successful and work toward conversion. Tracking all these marketing tools allows you to see what works and what doesn’t. Maybe you need to change some wording or try a different approach. Marketing and campaign tracking allows you to see the results from each method and allows you to adjust as needed.

Policy management

Automation software can help you streamline policy management and help keep your customers well-informed and updated throughout the process. For example, this software allows you to automate the application process, sending out automatic emails once their policy is activated. When renewal time is approaching, you can have renewal correspondence sent out automatically, helping to ensure your clients maintain coverage.

Regulatory compliance

As an insurance agent, regulatory compliance is essential. Automation software can help ensure you stay in compliance by automating compliance checks, customer data security operations, and the generation of regulatory reports.


By automating your underwriting process, you are able to boost the accuracy and speed of the entire process. This automation can include data collection, customer claims history reviews, internal system updates, loss runs assessments, and more, leaving you time for other tasks.

Claims processing

Processing claims is an essential part of the insurance industry, however, it can also be a very time-consuming process. Implementing an automated claims processing workflow allows you to automatically gather the necessary data that a bot can validate and, if all the necessary data is complete, the bot can process the claim. When additional information is needed, the automation system can assign the claim to an agent for processing.

Using automation to boost your business

As an insurance agent, there are already more tasks to do than there are hours in the day. Adding automation software, such as a quality CRM, to your business can help reduce the daily tasks you need to perform, leaving you available to focus on the work that really needs to be done. By automating various aspects of your business, you can gain extra hours while still working to nurture your lead and client relationships and ensure that your customers are receiving exactly what they need.

Better Agency can help

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