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A fully automated Insurance CRM with 100+ built-in automation campaigns.

I'm loving the Insurance CRM system...we did a cross-sell auto campaign last month and sold about 10 new policies because of it. That paid for about 6-8 months!
David Call
Ryan Everet Insurance
I tried other Insurance CRMs like Infusionsoft and AgencyZoom and none of them could really deliver. Better Agency has been a game-changer for my agency.
Erik Sjolie
Sky Insurance Brokers

Better Agency was created for independent agents who want to spend more time working on their agency and less time trying to figure out automation software.

Does this sound familiar?

It feels like you have to be “techy” to use your CRM.

Getting started feels impossible. They’re complicated, confusing and you fail to implement.

Other CRMs Weren't Made For Independent Insurance Agents Like You:

Other CRMs are either too broad for the ‘mass-market’ or they were made with captive agents in mind.

You need Better Agency!


Automate your agency even if you’re not a ‘techy’! Better Agency™ has over 100 different automation campaigns for sales, service, claims and renewals.

See how J.C. Wogomon uses Better Agency™ to automated the entire insurance customer lifecycle.

Sync Your Email & Import All Your Contacts

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Add Your Team With A Few Easy Clicks

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Click one button and start your campaigns

Better Agency™ has a full library of built-in automation campaigns for sales, service, claims, & renewals. Click one button to start your campaigns instantly.

Every campaign you'll ever need, including:

And 100+ other plug-and-play campaigns!

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Get back to running your agency more efficiently

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Onboarding takes hours, not weeks or months!​

Unlike other software tools that can take months to figure out, our awesome Customer Success Team will help you migrate all of your data to Better Agency and start your campaigns immediately. 

You’ll have everything you need in place and implemented so that you can see an ROI. Don’t just take it from us, we have thousands of agencies across the country who are running a better agency, with Better Agency™.

Meet the Better Agency Customer Success Team!

Over 1000 independent agents are seeing a positive ROI with Better Agency™

(We're Sure You Will Too!)

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Get instant access to 100+ sales, service, claims, and renewal workflows and campaigns.


Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a software platform designed to help business owners track and manage their communications while also helping to nurture relationships with both leads and existing clients.

With insurance CRM, agents are able to track and locate new opportunities, organize leads, manage and track all customer communication, manage files, support the underwriting process, and better service their customers.

For those with large agencies and multiple departments, an insurance CRM helps promote collaboration between teams, ensuring that every department has immediate access to up-to-date client information.

A CRM platform is designed to work for you and your business, helping to enhance the quality services you already offer.

Choosing the right insurance CRM for your business provides a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Superior customer data management
  • Superior customer service and retention
  • Increased sales
  • Detailed analytics
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Simplified collaboration
  • Improved marketing strategies and implementations
  • Improved data security
  • Automation of everything from marketing to documentation management

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At the most basic level, a CRM allows insurance agents to manage and analyze relationships between the agency and any potential or existing customers. It allows for up-to-the-minute tracking of all customer interactions through various platforms, such as emails, phone calls, and social media.

An all-in-one CRM allows for collaboration between sales, marketing, and service departments, ensuring that the needs of your customers never fall through the cracks.

A CRM software allows for multiple functionalities, including:

  • Lead and customer management
  • A more personalized customer experience
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales automation
  • Workflow automation
  • Analytics
  • Artificial intelligence

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As an insurance agent, you want to take advantage of technology that allows you to enhance the services you already offer.

A CRM allows insurance brokers to automate many areas of your daily routine, leaving you more time to focus and nurture relationships with your clients.

By implementing a CRM, you are able to gain valuable client insight that will allow you to better serve the needs of your clients.

Whether you are an independent agent or part of a larger team, the right CRM can help enhance your services, boost sales and productivity, and help you reach your goals.