For public relations specialists, also known as communications or social media specialists, spreadsheets have always been the go-to for contact management, activity tracking, and so much more. In fact, many PR specialists still rely on these spreadsheets, which, unfortunately, means they are losing hours that could be better spent on other projects.

The good news is that an alternative exists. Many successful PR specialists are quickly learning that CRM software for public relations offers a more efficient solution. What is CRM PR software, and how can it make a difference for your business?

What is PR CRM software (PRM)?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a powerful tool that allows you to manage all your contact information, including details, interaction history, and more, in one central location that you can access from anywhere without additional tools or software. In addition to managing your contacts, a quality CRM can eliminate the time needed to add new contacts manually. It also allows marketing and sales automation, segmenting of your contacts, collaboration with team members, and so much more.

Why do you need a CRM for public relations?

Are you struggling to keep your contacts well-organized and up to date? Are you spending hours each week updating your spreadsheets only to be unable to access them when you really need them? Are your relationships with business contacts suffering?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to consider a PRM. Let’s look at how a PRM could change the way you do business.

1. Managing contacts

Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and contacts falling between the cracks. With a CRM for public relations, you can store all your contact information in one central location that you can access from anywhere. All your detailed contact information, such as birthdays, email addresses, social media handles, documents between the contact and yourself, meeting histories, and previous correspondence, can all be stored in one place. All this information is right at your fingertips when you connect with a contact. No need to go searching through spreadsheets. Simply gain access to the information you need with the click of a button.

2. Social media relationships

In today’s technology-based environment, most PR specialists rely on social media for many aspects of their business. But who has hours a day to stay on top of social media posts? A social CRM allows you to do just that!! When social media contacts are connected through your social CRM, it allows you to monitor conversations, social activity, and the things that are important to your contacts.

3. Facilitates collaboration

If you work with a PR team, you know spreadsheets make it nearly impossible for teams to collaborate as team members cannot access contact information in real-time. With a CRM, everything you enter into a contact’s information is accessible by the team members immediately. And with a cloud-based CRM, team members can access and update the CRM from anywhere.

4. Track your metrics

Analytics are essential for things such as marketing campaigns and understanding what works and what doesn’t. With a CRM’s built-in analytics, you can track email interaction, website interaction, etc. For example, you can see how long contacts are staying on your website, where they are visiting, and how long they remain on your site before a conversion. In addition, you can see when emails are opened and read and how long they took to read the email. This important information can help you gauge interest in your content, where you might need to make improvements, and what your contacts are interested in.

5. Time and energy efficiency

A CRM can save you and your contact’s time. No more having to manually enter information into spreadsheets, giving you hours of extra time each week. When a new contact visits your website, for example, the contact information they enter is automatically entered into your CRM. It can send you a task reminder to make quick follow-ups with the new contact if already established. In addition, automation tools can make setting up meetings much easier. You no longer need to play phone tag with a contact hoping to schedule a meeting. Instead, the CRM can automatically send out a scheduled appointment, and your contact can choose the best time for them. CRMs can also automate many other tasks, such as email drip campaigns and new contact welcome emails.

6. Marketing segmentation and tags

In addition to keeping all your contact information in one centralized location, a CRM gives you the ability to segment your contact list by different demographics, such as job title or location. This tool helps you locate the right contact when you need them. Once you have segments created, you never have to worry about manually adding a new contact to a segment. Simply tag each contact with a keyword, and they will automatically join their corresponding segment.

7. Develop more personal relationships

As a PR specialist, your success depends on audience and contact insight. With a CRM, you have unlimited input fields for each contact that allows you to record important information, such as a contact’s interests, past interactions, their favorite color, favorite music genre, and so much more. Having access to all this information in one location gives you increased insight into future interactions, helping to facilitate better professional relationships.

Say goodbye to the spreadsheet

If you are looking for ways to make contact management easier, boost your business analytics, and ensure contacts feel important and no one falls through the cracks, then add a PR CRM to your business. Say goodbye to spreadsheets! Let a quality CRM be your tool of the future.

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