Ways on How to Find Clients for Life Insurance

Nicholas Ayers
Nicholas Ayers

Co-Founder @ Better Agency

In the world of life insurance, you can be the most knowledgeable agent in the world, but that knowledge won’t do you any good without quality life insurance leads. So how do insurance agents get more clients? The hardest part for most life insurance agents is finding those quality leads. With the insurance industry increasingly moving online, finding ways to generate quality leads you can turn into clients is even more important.

Here, we look at some of the best methods for finding quality leads and how to make the most of them.

1. Life insurance leads from insurance agencies

One of the easiest ways to guarantee a steady flow of leads is to work for an agency that provides leads to its agents. This can be an excellent benefit for those just starting out, as you have no out-of-pocket risk when it comes to generating leads. For this reason, many agencies use this as a recruiting tool to acquire new agents.

The one downside to this form of lead acquisition is that, while it doesn’t come with the upfront cost, agencies still collect a fee, usually in the form of a reduced commission rate. In addition, agencies often reuse leads when an agent quits, meaning that you may receive leads that have been worked to death by other agents.

2. From third-party companies

Third-party companies understand the importance of quality leads and make it their business to find them for you at a cost. Typically, you will provide them with your location radius and the number of leads you wish to purchase. Purchasing these leads requires upfront payment, but you will not lose a portion of your commission rate like you do with agency-provided leads. For agents with a high closing rate, the cost of these leads is typically only a small fraction of your earned commission.

Another benefit is based on your individual success history. You can often specify leads based on age, income, and desired benefit amounts, making it possible to target your leads to your success. Having reports from a quality insurance-specific CRM or AMS tool can provide you with the smart data necessary to determine your best preferences based on your closing history.

3. Networking

If your agency does not provide leads and you don’t want to spend money, professional networking is still one of the most effective ways to make connections and find quality leads. Most cities throughout the United States offer a wide range of different networking groups that meet weekly or monthly. Here, different industry professionals meet to trade marketing ideas and refer businesses to each other. For example, when one of your clients mentions they are looking for an accountant, you can refer them to an account you connected within your networking group. At the same time, that accountant may have a client that mentioned they need a good life insurance policy, and he can send them your way.

Networking doesn’t always have to occur in specific groups designed for networking. For example, maybe you are a member of the PTA at your child’s school. Parents that work with you and know what you do may connect you with potential leads. Engaging with community events is another way to network for leads.

4. Online marketing

Potential leads are everywhere online, but you must get their attention. Online advertising comes with a hefty price that most new agents or agencies simply can’t manage. The good news is there are several different opportunities available online that allow you to get yourself out there without breaking the bank.

Content marketing

Understanding the complexities of life insurance can be intimidating for potential clients. However, online content marketing allows you to freely share your wealth of knowledge, allowing you to educate people and generate interested leads, ultimately increasing your revenue. Adding a blog to your website is a great way to share regular industry-specific knowledge in a language that everyone can understand. Having this information available for people to search for and find when looking for information is a great way to draw leads in. If writing isn’t your thing, consider finding a freelance writer to produce your blog content for you. While this will incur an up-front cost, it will likely pay off in the end. Once you have a content library, don’t forget to share it on social media platforms and email marketing.

Social Media

With so many people spending hours on social media platforms each day, this is an outlet you must take advantage of when it comes to lead generation. The key with social media is to post content specific to your industry, including industry articles, your blog posts, and even funny memes about the insurance industry. The biggest thing is to stay active and engaging. While there are numerous social media platforms, here we focus on Facebook and LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet. And just like traditionally network marketing, LinkedIn allows you to connect with other business professionals and network together. When creating your LinkedIn profile, you want to take the time to make it look professional and robust. Consider spending the money to have a professional headshot photo taken to give your profile that professional touch. Take the time to write a thorough business summary, including both personal and professional information to connect with other professionals.

LinkedIn, like local in-person networking opportunities, offers many different groups in a variety of different categories. Join groups that you connect with and become active in the groups. Join discussions and contribute comments. Share your knowledge and advice when you see someone asking questions. The more you participate, the more likely you are to generate leads.


These days just about everyone is on Facebook. Whether it is to market their business or to simply connect with friends and family, Facebook is a great way to connect with these potential clients and develop leads. While you can spend money on targeted Facebook ads, consistently sharing quality content and engaging with people on Facebook is often enough to interact and develop potential leads without ever spending a dime.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a perfect way to target potential clients and gain leads. Creating an email subscriber list is a great place to start. One way to gain potential leads is the use of exit intent boxes on your website. Having these pop up when readers get to the end of a blog post, for example, allows you to collect contact information from someone you know has shown interest. Entering this contact information into an insurance-specific CRM tool and creating automatic email marketing campaigns can put targeted marketing in front of these leads on a scheduled basis. Consider adding links to blog posts in these email campaigns to help develop trust with your new leads.

5. Referrals

If you are not asking for referrals, you are missing out on a lot of quality leads. In fact, reports show that 83% of people are more likely to follow the recommendations of friends and family, making referrals one of the most credible forms of lead generation you can have. Email marketing is a great way to ask for referrals from already established clients that are happy with your service. Consider adding referral requests to your regularly scheduled email marketing campaigns. In addition, you can consider offering a referral program to your clients that offer a discount or gift for every referral received.

Find what works best for you

When it comes to lead generation, no one method is correct. Try each one and see which one provides you with the most success. And, if one method stops working, try something different. Your goal is always to create leads, and trying to find the easiest way to do so for you is the goal. Utilizing technology, such as an insurance CRM tool, can also prove beneficial when it comes to things like automated email marketing campaigns and helping to ensure that you maintain regular contact with leads and established clients.

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