What Is Social CRM?

Nicholas Ayers
Nicholas Ayers

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As an insurance agent, you know the importance of building and nurturing quality customer relationships and that a quality CRM can help you achieve just that. But what about your social media presence and growing your brand online? Can your traditional CRM help you do that? What is a social CRM? In today’s online world, we all know just how important social media marketing can mean to a company’s success. A social CRM integrates a traditional CRM with your social media platforms, allowing you to gain insight into just how well your agency is really doing online.

What is Social CRM?

Known as a social relationship management platform, a social CRM integrates a CRM with social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This creates a multipurpose tool that boosts your marketing, sales, and customer service abilities all in one platform. With a social CRM, you can schedule all your social media marketing posts in one centralized location and get reports on how each post performs, helping you to see what works and what doesn’t. In addition, a social CRM can gather profile information from your followers, track conversations, and give you access to all this information at the touch of a button.

Types of Social CRM

There are two main types of social CRM tools that allow you to combine the benefits of traditional CRM with social CRM capabilities.

Social media CRM tools

Social media CRM tools are a traditional CRM platform first but include a set of integrated social media features, such as scheduling posts. With this type of CRM, the focus is first and foremost on the functionality of a traditional CRM with the included social media integration. This keeps everything in one simple platform and allows you to take care of everything in one place.

Social media CRM software

But what if you already have a CRM that you are happy with? A social media CRM software is a platform designed specifically for social media tasks that enable you to plan, post, schedule, and manage everything on your social media platforms. In most cases, this software will integrate with your current CRM.

Social CRM metrics

So, once you have a social CRM in place, what can it actually tell you and how can this information help boost your customer interaction and sales? Let’s look at some of the key metrics a social CRM can provide.


A social CRM can measure traffic on your social media platforms, as well as conversion rates. This allows you to see how many potential clients are visiting your social media pages, what they are clicking on, and what posts are leading to conversions.


Social CRMs allow you to gain insight into what users are looking at, what posts they are engaging with, what type of content is working to engage users, and what is not working at all. This enables you to adjust your marketing efforts to improve engagement and, in turn, your bottom line.

Level of followers

While your social media platforms may list thousands of followers, that number doesn’t matter if those followers are not actively engaging with your brand and content. With this tool, you can identify active followers and gear content to them, as well as learn what content is drawing these followers.

Brand mentions

Getting your name out in front of new social media users is your main goal when it comes to leads. With the brand mentions tool, you can see when followers are talking about your agency, if they are sharing their experiences, and if they are happy with their service. Unfortunately, this means you may also see when clients are unhappy. However, this allows you to immediately work to remedy any potential problems and show potential clients that your focus is always on customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Social CRM

Seeing everything that a social CRM offers, how can it really benefit your agency? Here we look at some of the benefits that implementing a social CRM can provide.

  • Indirect customer service: When customers talk on social media, you will know. This means that if a client posts about a problem with your service, you can immediately address their concerns before they even contact you. Faster customer service means happier customers.
  • Gain insight into what your customers need: Following industry trends and posts on social media through analytics allows you to see what people are really looking for and cater your marketing to those needs.
  • Build new relationships: Whether your posts are bringing in new followers or your monitoring of specific keywords provides the opportunity for interaction, you are getting your agency name in front of potential clients.
  • Grow your brand reputation: People like to see businesses engaging online, especially when a customer has a concern. When a customer posts a complaint, even on their personal page, you can quickly respond, offer apologies, and repair the situation all while showing potential customers that you care about customer satisfaction.
  • Gain control over your social media presence: Monitoring multiple social media platforms can be challenging and you are often unable to gain the insight you truly need in order to make social media success for your business. A social CRM brings together all your platforms, allows for easier posting and engagement, and allows you to closely monitor a wide range of metrics.

Boost your social presence with CRM

Creating a social media presence for your business is essential in today’s world. Implementing a social CRM will help you better manage your social media platforms and, through analytics, give you a deeper insight into what your followers are looking for and how to offer solutions that will deliver.

Better Agency’s CRM will make a difference

At Better Agency, we understand the unique needs of insurance agents when it comes to traditional and social CRMs. As former insurance agents, we created an insurance industry-specific CRM platform that is designed to give you the tools you need to boost leads and conversions. To learn more about Better Agency’s CRM, schedule a Discovery Call today.

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