The #1 CRM For NowCerts AMS Users

Use NowCerts and Better Agency together to automate the entire customer life cycle – Sales, service, claims, and renewals.

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FAQs We Tend To Get Asked A Lot

We suggest starting your workflow by entering in the prospect data into NowCerts.


Every 15 minutes, NowCerts will push that data into Better Agency's "New Lead Pipeline". You will want to manage your pipeline by using the "drag and drop" features inside of Better Agency.


Once a policy is "sold" your IVANS downloads will update the record inside of NowCerts.

When a policy record is updated in NowCerts, it will automatically update the client record in Better Agency.


Better Agency compliments NowCerts by providing 100+ built-in automation campaigns for sales, service, claims, renewals.


It helps NowCerts users automate their data.

Currently, the integration is a one-way integration. NowCerts pushes your data out of NowCerts and into Better Agency.


The information is updated every 15 minutes.

Better Agency believes that "connectivity" is the best way forward for the insurance agents. Our team is always looking for more industry partners to connect with.

Better Agency has direct integrations with:

  • Zapier
  • EZLynx (Data Sync)
  • NowCerts
  • Lightspeed Voice
  • Neoteric Agent
  • Tarmika
  • Advisor Evolved
  • Coterie Insurance

No. Better Agency is "month to month". You can cancel at anytime.

No. That would be exhausting. We have no interest in that. We sell a CRM, we do not sell your data.


You own your data.

Getting Started Is Easy & We'll PERSONALLY Help You Set It All Up!

Once you sign up for a trial of Better Agency, you will be prompted to schedule your 1-on-1 onboarding calls.

On these calls, we will strategize with you to determine the quickest routes to success. We’ll carve out a personal success strategy that will help you achieve the goals that are important to you.

We will also help you with any data migration from your AMS or CRM and help you launch your first campaigns.

All of this amazing support is provided even during your $1 trial

What Do I Get With Better Agency?

Why signing up with Better Agency is a "no-brainer" decision.

It’s all very simple. Better Agency delivers more results. Better Agency will create more sales conversations with prospects and clients and tee you up with lay-down sales opportunities.

You’ll love how easy it is to get started and use. With Better Agency you will close more prospects. The automated, pre-written email and text campaigns have been tested and refined to perfection with over 300,000 insurance leads. These campaigns will follow up with prospects when you can’t do it yourself.

Regardless if they are old leads, new leads, or current clients, Better Agency will make it easier to sell more insurance policies while saving you more time in the process.

Better Agency CRM Demo

Better Agency is Trusted by Thousands of Insurance Agents.

We had a great cross-selling system before but attribute about 250 more cross sells due to the system and 10 hours saved per month with Better Agency.
Billy Wagner Photo
Billy Wagner
Brightway Insurance
We closed a $12,000 life policy using the cross -sell campaigns and a $70,000 commercial policy today. I'm still only on day 5 of my trial.
Daniel Hull - Photo
Daniel Hull
KMH Insurance Group
I can point to accounts each month that were closed because of Better Agency. Our ROI over the last few months has been between 600% - 800% and continues to increase. I can't say all of our investments have generated those kind of returns. Thank you Better Agency!
Stewart Farris - Photo
Stewart Farris
Farris Insurance Advisors
We signed up for Better Agency 3 weeks ago and the drip campaigns are fire!

We've closed 8 home and auto bundles for $24,000 and 3 commercial auto accounts for $90,000 in premium.
Renado Robinson - Photo
Renado Robinson
Crosswinds Insurance

**Need more proof? See more case studies and testimonials by clicking here.

Case studies and testimonials

Small Price To Pay To Close More Premium & Automate Most Of Your Agency.

(instead of paying for more staff)

The Starter Plan $299 / Month

Growing Plan $399 / Month

Powerhouse Plan $549 / Month

Why does Better Agency cost more than other options?

We don’t shy away from the fact that Better Agency is more expensive than other CRMs. We’re also not shy about the results and gains our users make.  Better Agency is a premium product that delivers premium results. It was never meant to be a low-cost leader. It’s built to deliver positive ROI.

Just as insurance agents seek to sell the value of their products because they know that it’s the best fit for their clients, Better Agency looks to the same.

For more side-by-side comparisons of Better Agency vs other CRMs, you can read our article here.

Watch some recent case studies on how other agents are using Better Agency.

Scratch Agent Needs A Simple System.

As the primary breadwinner for her family, Ashley began to feel overwhelmed. Having to work long hours to market, network, and sell more business left little time for processes and follow ups.

Ashley admitted that she isn’t the most “tech-savvy” insurance agent. Her frustrations grew as she began to try other systems and CRM’s. They were difficult to navigate and the support she needed was nowhere to be found.

Commercial Agent Writes $300k In 30 Days.

Prior to Better Agency he had tried every software CRM he could including Infusionsoft.

“I was putting together things that were just too difficult for my team to use on a daily basis.”

It wasn’t until he was directly referred by another Better Agency user that he decided he would take the plunge and start a 14 day trial of Better Agency.

$114k In Additional New Premium.

Before Renado signed up for Better Agency, he tried to manage everything with an Excel spreadsheet. Every day his team would look at the spreadsheet and try to track prospects and follow up messages. 

Renado knew that if he was going to scale his agency he needed a more efficient way to follow up with prospects. It became hard to manage and prospects were falling through the cracks. In Renado’s words, it was “cumbersome”.

The Only Marketing System This Agent Uses.

Better Agency is the only marketing strategy Daniel uses. Using Better Agency’s “done for you” sales automation campaigns, Daniel has generated over 1600+ new insurance quoting opportunities.

Each month Daniel adds a list of approximately 1500 old prospects and dead leads that he never sold with his captive company. The sales campaigns are generating over 15 new quoting opportunities every day.

Agency Health Reports

Skeptical? Try It For 14 Days For Only $1 & You'll See How Much More Premium You Sell!

Signing up is easy. All you need to do is click on the button below and you can start your 14-day trial of Better Agency today. Once you sign up you’ll gain immediate access to the software and an onboarding specialist will reach out to an email to schedule your 1 on 1 onboarding with the Better Agency team.

✅ We’ll help you with onboarding (even during your trial)

✅ Just $1 for 14-days –  Cancel at any time

I paid for multiple months of Better Agency with the commission I just earned. I uploaded my first list of dead leads and the automated campaigns helped me sell policies I never would have tried to write before.
Ashley Mastowski - Photo
Ashley Mastowski
First Choice Insurance Group