Benefits of CRM Software for Your Insurance Agency

Nicholas Ayers

Nicholas Ayers

Better Agency Co-founder

No business can function without a customer base. It doesn’t matter how much money, time, and energy are put into a project. Without customers to invest in it, it’s pointless.
So, how can agencies develop and manage this all-too-important aspect of their businesses? 

Simple: with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This vital business tool benefits businesses in numerous ways, from aiding in obvious customer-centric problems like relationship building and maintenance to providing less obvious solutions in organizing data, scaling up the business, and even increasing revenue.

How can a CRM help your Insurance agency?

CRM software can do many things for many businesses. In fact, nowadays, insurance agencies are beginning to rely more and more on CRM software and all the incredible benefits they provide. From customer service and segmentation to data organization and analysis, CRM software helps agencies automate repetitive services and promote client engagement based on detailed fact-gathering. 

Here are just a few ways that CRM software can benefit your insurance agency:

Build better customer-agency relationships.

Customer service is the heart of any modern business, so it’s no surprise that this is one of the most important benefits of CRM software. A CRM system manages customers in many ways, including maintaining up-to-date client lists with detailed contact and personal information, demographic tracking, previous agency-client business dealings, and any other necessary information. This improves agent-client relations because the agent will always have all the information they need about a client on hand to provide the most customer satisfaction for their clients. 

Additionally, CRM software can automate certain customer service duties so that clients don’t have to endure extensive wait times to receive top-quality customer service the minute they call or contact your agency.

Segment customers to streamline services.

Having an extensive customer list is a great thing. It reflects well on your agency for being able to cultivate and maintain the interest of other individuals. But at the same time, sorting through hundreds and hundreds of clients when sending out group emails can be overwhelming. It can take huge amounts of time to determine which product, location-specific, or service-specific emails will be received best by specific clients. CRM software helps with this by automatically segmenting agencies’ client lists into categories such as location, gender, buyer stage, and much more.

Organize and centralize client data

Trying to keep up with hundreds of different clients’ information can be exhausting, especially when you’re scrambling to find exactly the right email address for that one client at the last minute. And wait, where did that business card go again?? 

CRM software helps control this issue by centralizing all client information in a single system that can be accessed by any employee anytime. This can include typical things like client names and contact information, but it can also record previous client interactions with agents and sales-related information, providing customers with better, more timely service.

Improve marketing by knowing your clients.

CRM software is more than just a set of automated customer service systems. The system can take any data it’s given and extensively analyze it, providing context and pointers where marketing can be improved to better appeal to clients. It analyzes detailed metrics concerning where your customers are coming from, their click-through rates, bounce rates, and any available demographic information. These help agencies understand what appeals to their clients and where they need to be advertising to meet potential clients where they are.

Boost current and future sales

Increasing sales is the key goal of any business. Only by increasing sales can an agency hope to grow and expand beyond its established metrics. CRM software aids agencies in increasing their revenue and sales by simplifying and streamlining the sales process. This is accomplished in a number of ways — from automating key, time-consuming tasks to analyzing sales and establishing step-by-step employee operating systems. 

Further, agencies can easily advance when they are able to study their existing business model and strategically plan for future growth. CRM software allows agents to parse out key industry trends and agency habits that can predict what future sales will look like. This allows agencies to study those reports and adjust their operations to ensure they can achieve their goals each term.

Promote client retention and loyalty

One of the easiest ways to lose clients is to stop investing in them. Many agencies focus on drawing in as many people as possible, but they have no viable plan in place for keeping their clients once they have them. Taking the time to retain clients and promote loyalty can go a long way toward increasing your agency’s revenue and cash flow in the long term. One of the easiest ways to retain these clients is through the use of CRM software. The software can provide automated customer support, analyses and can employ built-in behavior tracking systems to ensure any problems that arise are quickly identified and rectified so that clients have the best possible experience.

Increase efficiency

Among the many benefits of CRM software lies the benefit of increased efficiency. This can be seen throughout every operating system the CRM boasts. It influences every aspect — from improving customer service to providing key analytics and promoting long-term sales and revenue. 

CRM increases efficiency by reducing stress on employees, thereby allowing them to be more productive in their jobs. When software is in place to ensure no client data is lost, when it ensures no important email is left unsent, and when menial tasks are cleared from employee to-do lists, the agency’s time can be spent pushing the business forward instead of merely keeping it afloat. Without the added stress and time-consuming work of filing the same forms every day, employees have more time to chase down new leads. When meticulously gathered, demographically-analyzed potential client information is collected, employees can spend time pursuing the right leads.


CRM software is an invaluable tool. Businesses now, more than ever, rely on the automated and analytical services it provides, especially when relating to sales, marketing, and client retention. The benefits of CRM are wide-ranging and will project companies toward bigger and better futures for years to come. 

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