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Jeromy Huerta talks about his unique strategy for agency acquisition.

Jeromy knew that in order to see a better ROI on his acquisitions, he needed to have a repeatable process that he can implement in each new agency. 

Jeromy started using Better Agency so that he can systematize his agency operations

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[buzzsprout episode=’5159242′ player=’true’] In episode# 001 of The Better Podcast we discuss how Michael Overstreet was able to grow his insurance agency through an abundance of organic content and successful marketing.  We also get into how he’s using his “The Garden Nerd” YouTube Channel to connect his love for gardening with building a Niche market doing Insurance for Nurseries and other farming/plant related industries.  If you’re looking to grow your insurance agency through organic content, or build a niche market for yourself, you’re going to want to check this out.  Links:  www.safestreetinsurance.com/  www.youtube.com/c/TheGardenNerd/

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